Why You SHOULD Follow Fashion Trends | The Style Insider

Why You SHOULD Follow Fashion Trends | The Style Insider
Fashion trends come and go but I truly believe there are some very good reasons to follow the trends. I often get comments from viewers saying they don’t follow trends and while I respect everyone’s opinion these comments got me thinking about fashion trends and asking myself why I actually follow fashion trends. I did come up with six relevant reasons why it pays to follow the trends and I also came up with a few cons too but that’s another video LOL. Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think of fashion trends in the comments below. Do they inspire your fashion choices or do you just enjoy seeing what’s trending? Or perhaps you don’t follow trends at all. I’d love to know what you think.

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  1. There is a marked difference in how people follow trends… there is a broad spectrum. There are those who slavishly follow and purchase every “it” item- to me, this is boring. Personally, I don’t want to look like every other woman in a room and trends tend to date quickly, so there is a lack of sustainability there as well. Having said that, I love looking to see how designers are adapting looks from season to season and that inspires me to be creative with my wardrobe. Perhaps the word trend is simply polarizing because is sounds like one is a sheep and not an individualist. One important item to note is that fashion and trends are a reflection of our society and how we choose to live.

  2. I gravitate towards investment pieces and use the current styling tips to update my look. Adding one trendy piece to a wardrobe is fun while keeping in mind the impact of fast fashion on human rights and ecological issues.

  3. I do follow fashion trends but when they kind of end and I really loved some of them I keep wearing them because they look so good!

  4. Hi😀…I like the trends because a mix of sensations: confidence, creation, innovation, watching somebody wearing them, joy of news….etc…etc…But of course I first love good quality and conservative clothing. Regards💞🙏

  5. Keeping up with Fashion Trends keeps me Youthful. Just because we’re older doesn’t mean we need to quit staying current. I’m not wearing what the teenagers are wearing, but I feel that at almost 54, I can still pull off 25 plus classy fashion.

  6. I love fashion, always have. But having learned how the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters, I believe we definitely need to think differently about how we view clothes in general and trends in particular. We cannot carry on the way we are, destroying our planet.

  7. I’m not always the best at putting an outfit together. I’ve always liked fashion and have been watching fashion tv shows since the 90s (Hello Fashion File Canada with Tim Blanks!). I’ve always love the creativity and style! It’s inspirational!

  8. Yes. Love trends & only choose those that I can wear at my age I feel good when I have something stylish on ,even to go out for my daily coffee shop trip ☕️☕️☕️

  9. I follow trends mostly to pick up colors or styles that I like such as tie dye or orange etc. After that, it’s irrelevant whether it’s in season or not because I am old enough not to give a fig.

  10. I don’t live in a city… no one is around and right now, during Covid 19, I may see no one… I dress for my day, raking leaves looks different than going to the city to grocery shop. I shower or fix my hair and put on deodorant when shopping. This seems ridiculous. How does any non celebrity human care right now when people are dying

  11. I am trying to cultivate a timeless wardrobe in the main but think it’s good to throw in a few trends to keep things fresh and fun. I also think that keeping up with trends (especially as u get older) is a way of feeling more youthful

  12. I agree with everything you said! I’m in my early 70’s, crave variety, & do watch the trends. I try to have at least some updates, but moderate interpretations. Your channel keeps me in the know – thanks!

  13. Loved the inclusion of people in masks! I try to weigh which trends I’ll participate in.

  14. I love fashion. I will not invest allot of trend but i do incorporate them into my look

  15. Very true about feeling a sense of belonging by keeping current. Thanks for an interesting vid, Leonie.

  16. You can look at your existing wardrobe in other ways by seeing what currently in the fashion magazine. For instance, we would just wear pumps with our office wear and then came bootie, which gave it a fresh look. Thanks for sharing and blessing to you and all in the days to come.