Why some countries have paused AstraZeneca vaccines – BBC News

Things are getting complicated with the AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe.

Despite the World Health Organization saying it’s fine to use, 11 European countries – including Germany, France, Italy and Spain – have temporarily suspended use of the vaccine.

Vaccine safety experts from the WHO are meeting on Tuesday to review the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab.

There have been a number of cases in Europe of blood clots reported after the vaccine was administered.

But the numbers are below the level you would expect in the general population.

The BBC’s Ros Atkins has been trying to find out what is going on with the AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe.

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Science Monitor | 20.03.2021
Science Monitor | 20.03.2021


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  1. These vaccines should have been tested more rigorously among multiple volunteer groups including pregnant women. A delayed vaccine is better than a rushed vaccine. Till then people should try to stay as safe as possible and gain immunity.

  2. Coronavirus virus vaccines have been around for decades. If there is a negative aspect to getting vaccinated it is the vaccine being ineffective against the strand you are exposed to or side effects due to a reaction to adjuvants or other residuals. You are doing thousand times more damage ti yourself by your lifestyle choices than by taking this vaccine.

  3. Now let’s look at the “specialist” what they think? All can be comment section.. 😂😂😂

  4. *“The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever.” Greg Hunt, Australian Federal Health Minister, February 2021.*

  5. No evidence 😂 have you even looked at all the reported blood disorders blindness death etc…there’s many more…propaganda news

  6. They should go for Pfizer or Moderna. They have better reputation. Please Pray for all humanity.

  7. A Vaccine is not a cure
    An untested Vaccine is a dangerous thing
    Mandatory Vaccination is Naziism

  8. My question: how will this affect people with haemophilia? Should they be warned?

  9. BBC comes to defend its british company.
    ofcourse, it will not defame own british company.
    others its okey, thats what bbc is known for.

  10. There are no such cases Oxford AstraZeneca, “Covishild” made by Sirum Institute of India since January 2021, India organized the biggest vaccination drive with Indigenous Covaxin.

  11. Johnson & Johnson is apparently the one the one you want. One dose jab and you’re done with very little side affect.

  12. Don’t take the AstraZeneca vaccine. It causes brain haemorrages. Sprad the word to the towns, cities, villages. The vaccine programme is political pointscoring