What’s Education For?

The greatest problem of the modern education system is that it doesn’t focus on systematically preparing students for many aspects of the real challenge out there: Life itself. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for new films every week:
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  1. I mean its not that. if we are taught online, it should only be by videos and courses, its not a place for teachers to teach, but a place for them to inspire and, observe their students’ performance not to give them grades and pass or fail, but to BETTER educate them through the process. Failing these days literally plays a huge role in your life’s dynamics, and that one exam moment should not interrupt your life’s learning. A message I want to give to private education firms throughout the world is that they should not focus on discriminating against others and forcing them to become what they want, but allow them to become whatever they desire, at whatever pace they desire, but sadly new systems of education are often thought of as ‘useless’ (by many) and nontraditional, but escaping from tradition is exactly what we need today, this world of today revolves around change and adaptation, if problems are found, solve them, don’t delay.

    However, in the last I would like to point out that parents like to send their children to schools which obtain the ‘best’ results instead of looking for those which support all children equally, and schools simply use this and kick out or encourage the bad performing students to leave, whereas giving more time and attention to those who they think will improve their school’s record.

  2. Me not getting good grades in online classes
    My parents :eW FiX PrOBleM bY sttopING ViDeO GaMeS

  3. Here is another example of thinking: we do mushy entertainment-education paced at your low intellectual level. We don’t force or discpline anything until you very slowly progress through very interesting soft materials only, and you finish at K5 level at age 18. However, you are a very happy person. The end…

  4. People,,, if you can do this,,, why are there wars everywhere? Why are powerful military sometimes crush weak helpless people and make them slaves. Why are they powerful corporations or governments and countries stealing money from ordinary folks and spreading pollutions. Why are most people by age 50 are tired and helpless being penniless. Could education like this solve all these problems? Not a chance. Education is evil because human society is evil. We are evil ever since we disobeyed God. Please be realistic.

  5. Apprenticeships give you fantastic experience in the working world and show employers that you can ‘hit the ground running’👍

  6. Challenges of adult life:
    -Toxic bosses and co-workers
    -Toxic fam members
    -Childhood Trauma/ mental health period

  7. I think Philosophy needs to be required. How can citizens know how to analyze and think critically without a grounding in philosophy? That’s also why math is important. Learn logic and systematic reasoning.

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  9. This video is so shallow about education that I just had to unsubscribe from this channel, after years. It just revealed that the real outlook behind many other videos, which I was already feeling have changed in bias recently, is seated on capitalist mentality. Poor and pity. This channel had so much potential… but lost track.

  10. Education is the most misunderstood term. All of us focus more on how much money we make and which famous schools and colleges we were a part of. Thanks for giving a new perspective through your video. If a person’s basics are right and one knows the purpose behind education, one can always learn well through online schools too