What the Crookes Radiometer can teach us

Bet you didn’t think these things were useful now, did ya?

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Finally papaji ko new scooty diladi 😍
Finally papaji ko new scooty diladi 😍

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This road technology shocked even the devil. Incredible technology.
This road technology shocked even the devil. Incredible technology.

This road technology shocked even the devil. Incredible technology.


  1. I feel like your intros are just documenting some kind of decent into madness. It’s glorious.

  2. I too remember a radiometer and new window display/demonstration. And I was fascinated by it.
    I doubt it was at the same housing development, though.

  3. 23:51 …such as a miniature heat pump, to explain the refrigeration cycle. Which by the way, I’m not sure I remember any more, you should do a video on it!

  4. so many awful/awesome puns and a Bajor reference…I knew this was the right educational video to watch!

  5. What if use musou black in the black side and an infrared laser to light it up?

  6. Absolutely loved this episode! Very very well explained Alec! 🙂 I think those Radiometers should be sitting in every Science Classroom!