What is Google for Nonprofits?

Google for Nonprofits is a program to connect nonprofit organizations with the best of Google’s product suite, all at no cost. In this video, learn how Google products like G Suite, Ad Grants, and YouTube can help your nonprofit organization increase your impact.


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  1. Una pena que aun no esté habilitado para Perú, pero si para Argentina Colombia y Chile.

  2. Hi, do you know when will it be open for Costa Rica, there are tons of nonprofit organizations here.

  3. Thank you for your outstanding impact. When you will provide an opportunity for participation in the program for Ukrainian NGOs?

  4. Cómo podemos aprender a usar todas las herramientas? no hay videos en youtube? Para Colombia

  5. Hola hay algún contacto para México? Hi, In Mexico this service is available?

  6. Great initiative by Google
    I’m from Kolkata , India
    How will I join non profit?

  7. Unfortunately, Google’s whole advertising campaign around Google for “Non-Profits” is completely misleading. It should more accurately be renamed Google for Charities , specifically, 501c3 organizations. 501c7 organizations, which are recognized by state and federal officials as non-profits, do not qualify as “non-profits” for Google. Essentially 501c7 Non-Profits are left out of this program because since we are not Charities and therefore Google cannot get a tax write off. While I applaud Googles generosity in offering their products to Charities, they only offer it to Charities (501c3) because of the tax write off. Since there is no financial benefit to Google for offering this to 501c7 organizations, they don’t do it.

    The real test of generosity isn’t helping or doing good when you get a reward (in this case a tax write off), it’s doing good when it actually costs you something.

  8. Hola! nos aprobaron YouTube non profits pero no entiendo si aplica para correr videos instream. O si es todo orgánico, para crear anotations y crear videos orgánicos y no correrlos como campaña?

  9. I’m really excited about these nonprofit products!! Hopefully, the developers expand and make this set of products more efficient… wouldn’t these be nice to access:
    • Google Crowdfunding for nonprofits; and
    • Google Micro-Business Loan’s for nonprofits; and • Google AI Virtual Assistant, Google Virtual MailBox, Google 1-888 or 1-800 number business suite by Google; and Google Logistics for nonprofits; and/or Google Event Planner/ Fundraiser service for nonprofits???

  10. Great initiative by Google
    I’m from Swat , Pakistan
    How will I join non profit?

  11. Hola tengo Edición antigua de G Suite y deseo pasar a Gsuite Nonprofits como puedo hacer?

  12. Good morning team google for nonprofits I come from Cambodia. I am Sopheaktra and work at one organization in Cambodia. I want to ask you about services email for nonprofits in Cambodia have or not Because I want to my working place used email nonprofits to communicate and easy to keep data user and security email. If I buy services direct very expensive, so now my NGO not enough budget to buy. I am waiting for an answer back from your team. Noted with thanks. Brest regards, Sopheaktra

  13. Is there any non-profit Google for Panama, I am a member of the Club de Leones Panama Virtual Estriana Fray de Smith and we will like to get registered in order to sue your platform as way of us telling our story and reaching out, appreciate your attention and looking forward to get engaged with your platform