What is activism? Anjali Appadurai at TEDxYouthBiddeford

Born in India and raised in Canada, Anjali began to explore ideas of social justice while in high school. Passionate about youth engagement and civil responsibility, in her second TEDxTalk, Anjali asks youth to question the definition of activism and to apply the interpretation that speaks to them in order to create the world they want to see in the future.

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  1. In having to be an activism?? in this day of age i feel that No one is to born to activism or to be taught to be one but it is a calling! i truly feel that in our civil society of today there are a lot of democracy protest’s young people being arrested for what they truly believe in what ever the issue maybe at hand, but to be a good Activism it really starts with in yourself and how you would want to see that change in our world today where we begin our work in raising awareness having people’s voice being heard demonstrating good equality have a good standing and knowing to stand with a firm compassion Solidarity heart as well having to make a differences taking opportunities when Action’s can be made. Activism is also a life long lesson’s of being a good Advocate for yourself and other’s of what we call as Social Change with in social justice and injustices.

  2. Ctesibius invented free green energy over 2,000 years ago . anyone want to end pollution poverty & war ?

  3. White men in suits, she just blew it, this is the attitude of separation, not compassion.

    I think we people should make sure we understand how to mitigate our own individual suffering by loving oneself like we are supposed to love another.

    What is the difference between yourself and another?

    Consider that.

    If we come to a conclusion on that consideration we have probably given up and taken up an assumption that isn’t in harmony with the wellbeing of everyone.

    A system is a system.

    A human being is us all, not just the nice seeming ones and not excluding the bad seeming ones.

  4. I was here to know about activism, why I heard was a person who is opposing the idea of activism.

  5. You don’t have compassion, you have beliefs that you impose on others. This is false pride and superficial blind arrogance.

  6. It’s retarded, that’s what it is! Take a look at this guy’s explanation why:

  7. I, as an activist, really appreciate your twist on steering away from fear and focusing on getting the JOB done. Being motivated by the Utopia we wish to accomplish..rather than flattened w/ fear.

  8. I just started my YouTube I want to focus on activism and I need to be promote and get some tips from you and invite you on my channel

  9. Activism is about being a hypocrite to your own cause.
    The problem with activist is that they are all followers, and hypocrites. They are not free thinking.
    If you are against Animal cruelty, or Climate change and are using a device connected to the internet well congratulations you are a hypocrite and your opinion/hashtag is bullshit.
    If you are against killing animals for food congrats you are a hypocrite. The plants you eat are living creatures with the ability to feel.
    You just feel more comfortable killing plants because they don’t scream.
    Equal rights for women activist- You get the good and bad. It’s no longer women and children first on the life boats. You lost that privilege. You can’t just treat a dudes life like buffet and pick and choose the rights you want 😂

  10. A 2013 video explaining to us (in 2020) what activism is..cute.

    Activism is a monster, that grew from a sweet pup. A voice that we will never hear, but a sound we are trained to fear. Activism is a way to channel either your hatred, your passion or your love. But succeeds only in the former. Activism is you, and me, everybody, and then nobody and nothing all at the same time. Its what is, but never will be. Its who, but who? You? What is activism? hah! As if we were ever going to care what it was meant to be, as if that matters to anybody other than those trying to put us down, you? Are you…one of them? Or one of us? Well, there is one way to find out…and that…is activism. Whatever the hell you think it is.

  11. I’m a white man in a suit. Can I not be an activist? Am I not allowed to try to help the world and reduce the suffering I see in it?

  12. Watch out for fake psychology reports being written. This is becoming or more common as a harassment tactic against activists and whistle blowers. A person, for example, could see a psychologist to get onto Social Security for mild depression and a serious back injury. The individual says nothing crazy or nutty while speaking to the psychologist, Yet he later find out the psychologist writes a report claiming the person is psychotic and delusional, that he said the cops are chasing him and all kinds of crazy things which that individual never said in the slightest. The way to address this is with federal lawsuits

  13. 2021 – When activism is used as a tool for the left’s agenda in the guise of peace love and harmony.