Was 2020 A Simulation? Science Math of the Simulation Theory

There are scientists right now who are working on experiments to answer the question – are we living in a simulation?

This future science short video documentary breaks down and explains the simulation theory. Along with why people such as Elon Musk believe in the theory, and is even funding work in the area. We also take a look at the math behind the simulation argument, showing the probability that we are living in a digital world.


The video mentioned in the video:
• Timelapse of Future Technology – 2022 – 4000+


Books mentioned in the video (affiliate links):
• Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies –
• The Doomsday Calculation –


Other topics covered in this video include:

• How the development of video games can show future technology predictions in the field of the simulation theory.
• Could a super quantum computer, or a Matrioshka brain with a Dyson Sphere, power a simulation for humanity.
• Would a simulation for humanity, allow for more distant space travel.
• And the video also explains the works of Plato, Zhuang Zhou, Philip Kindred (Blade Runner, Minority Report), Elon Musk, Dr. Nick Bostrom, Dr. David Kipping, NASA engineer Thomas Campbell, Silas Beane, William Poundstone, and Sean Carrol.

Photo Credit (cc) Dr Nick Bostrom: Future of Humanity Institute

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  1. meds: not taken
    tinfoil hat: adjusted
    voices in the walls: heard

    yep, it’s schizo time

  2. Simulations are possible we play video games which are simulations daily but too simulate a whole earth never mind the universe would require a computer that harvests a Dyson sphere (energy of the sun) until we as humanity are able too harvest this energy i think its fair too say no other higher power or race has managed too do this its a brilliant and scary theory but its just that a theory .

  3. You ever notice how time goes faster as u get older?? That’s part of the simulation and basically the games time limit.

  4. Wanna know what reality is? Take 2 tabs of acid, go outside on a clear night, and look up at the stars. It literally confirmed everything to me.

  5. If reality was just a game , then It must be a pretty boring one ….
    Like what do we have that More advance Civilization don’t ?

    Edit:perhaps stupidity? Useless wars ?
    Like we’re probably just a Comedic kind of game huh….

  6. I don’t believe that “reality” is more boring than a Simulation. For all we know, we’re at our “real” job to gather information on our ancestors

  7. Anyone else come to a realization that’s so groundbreaking in thought that it at the same time excites everything that you are yet your also realizing that the mear utterance of it could destroy the universe?

  8. “A test see if your living in a simulation.”
    You just finished your favorite meal and you’re ready to go on your video game binge with your ultimate reality headset.
    After about 20 minutes you decide you would like some chocolate candy bar your friend is with you so they help you out so you don’t have to remove yourself from your alternate reality. You eat the two bars of chocolate and it was the best chocolate you’ve ever had.
    How long will it be before you find out your friend just gave you chocolate ex-lax?!!!

  9. 1 in billions huh , well there is a slight problem with that . Where is all the energy coming from to run all of these simulations?

  10. If the simulation is real. Is everyone here just bots pretending to be like me?

  11. This is all just speculation and conjecture. If we are living in a simulation then there would be evidence to prove this when we have yet to see anything of the sort.

    Philosophy gives you 3 answers and this is why I don’t look to philosophical opinions as a basis for a simulated reality. Why? Because you can make math and philosophy say whatever you want it to. Just as Musk paid a man to work out his theory and then asking everyone to buy that book. He as you, or I, have yet to see this simulated reality. That’s why I don’t buy into any of this until we can be sure we are in a simulated reality to begin with.

    So, I am left with the answer that we are not in a situation. Or why do die and I’m most certain that we will never come back into this reality, or any other.

    That is why I don’t see a simulated reality at all.