TTS OST – Protean Politics

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  1. Fun fact about the video this was made for: All the lyrics are translated to their equivilent in binary… except for the Mechanicus’ Lords “Fine” which instead translates to “NEVER, I WILL HAVE YOU ASSASINATED!”

    Lucky for him none of the Custodies speak binary to be honest.

  2. By Omnissiah’s Decree, The Cult Mechanicus requests an Instrumantal Version only, for the Annual Deimos Forgeworld Karaoke Tournament!

  3. So Kitten is an excellent Paradox-Billiard-Vostroyan Roulette- Strip Poker gamer, he’s also a good singer.
    A duellist and a singer… Just like…

  4. 1:00 (Edit: It’s a direct counter to the melodic progression of the Fabricator General’s previous verse, where his sounded to be minor while the Custodes was in a major progression in a higher octave. Pure musical genius of the music carrying out the argument as the characters are.)
    1:44 (Edit: Contrasts from the rest of the song and is totally badass, but NEEDS MORE CHURCHBELL… also Minor progressions are the best imo)
    My favorite verses that keep me looping this song again and again and again and aa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a- **WARNING! FABRICATOR GENERAL HAS MALFUNCTIONED. SELF-DESTRUCT INITIATED**

  5. Interesting that the lines are reversed at 1:41. I assume that this is a mistake or something, because it stops the flow and rhyme.

  6. It feels incomplete without the binary subtitles.

    (Also, the binary for the “Fine” at 2:27 reads “Never, I’ll have you assassinated.”)

  7. У меня есть переводы последних серий если что

  8. every now and again I sing the lyrics. I’m a bit off but I remember a lot of it. goes to show how fricking good this is.