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Uzbekistan is a Central Asian nation and former Soviet republic. It’s known for its mosques, mausoleums and other sites linked to the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. Samarkand, a major city on the route, contains a landmark of Islamic architecture: the Registan, a plaza bordered by 3 ornate, mosaic-covered religious schools dating to the 15th and 17th centuries.
today’s I have covered these topics in this video, top 10 Best Places To Visit In Uzbekistan | Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

Travel To Uzbekistan Timestamp
00:10 Uzbekistan Introduction
01:29 Uzbekistan Country
01:31 Official Name Of Uzbekistan
01:34 Official Language Of Uzbekistan
01:47 Area Of Uzbekistan
02:08 Border In Uzbekistan
02:42 Uzbekistan Society Traditions
03:08 Uzbekistan Restrictions
03:27 Wonderful Tourism In Uzbekistan
04:12 Hotels In Uzbekistan
04:37 Foods Of Uzbekistan
04:47 Restaurant Uzbekistan
05:22 Transport In Uzbekistan
05:32 Metrobus Tashkent
05:42 Airlines In Uzbekistan
06:03 History In Uzbekistan
09:40 The River Seihun Uzbekistan
10:38 The Freedom Uzbekistan
10:59 Country In Uzbekistan
11:04 Uzbekistan Currency
11:39 Uzbekistan Traditional Clothing
12:06 National Language Uzbekistan
12:16 Internet Domain Name Of Uzbekistan
12:19 Dialling Code For Uzbekistan
12:22 Top Tourist Places In Uzbekistan
12:54 Tashkent In Uzbekistan
13:36 Samarkand In Uzbekistan
14:19 Desert In Uzbekistan
15:50 Bukhara In Uzbekistan
17:40 Ferghana In Uzbekistan
18:14 Khiva In Uzbekistan
18:43 Uzbekistan Population
19:12 Hare Krishna In Uzbekistan
19:27 Zoroastrianism In Uzbekistan
20:41 End

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