Top 20 Disrespectful Moments In Sports History

These sports moments tarnished everyone involved. For this list, we’re focusing on displays of bad behavior, unsportsmanlike conduct and violence during or after sporting events that simply made our jaws drop. Our countdown includes Mike Tyson Bites Evander Holyfield, The Malice at the Palace, Shaq Dunks on Chris Dudley, Luis Suárez Biting Incidents, Black Sox Scandal, and more! Which unsportsmanlike moment had you shaking your head? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Do you not do your research? #3 her EXA husband attacked the other finger skater while she had no idea he would do that. Jesus Christ this is well documented.

  2. I can Understand your time frame but seriously you could have add more about the Black Sox Scandal
    I get you have gone into detail about it but atleast some more information could have made this list less contreversial.

  3. Good list but you missed out on a bunch of nascar fights. That cricket one was ridiculous by comparison. Very tame in comparison to any hockey fight.

  4. lol WTF is jabbar talking bout o mean he pushed some player in the face and dropped him

  5. tbf about the maywether situation, ortiz headbutted him several times before till maywether has to stitch his chin and lower lip bcs its busted, after that the bell rings and its all fair game from there

  6. I think that was Zidane’s last football game. The italians played dirty the entire time and there were speculations that the referees were bribed.

  7. I watched the Bruins-Canucks game when Mcsorley pulled that shit. I thought the Vancouver team was going to kill him after that. He was skating for his life all over the ice and I don’t remember any of his teammates helping him either.

  8. I may be the only one, but I think Materazzi was more unsportsmanlike than Zidane… And I’m shocked anyway that not one single case of verbal attacks found its way on this list.

  9. Kermit Washington is #1 IMHO. He ended Rudy T’s career and almost killed him on a cheap shot. All time low.

  10. “Sports history”

    Just imagine if watchmojo researched cases outside US and Europe’s mainstream football….they would have these kind of lists for days

  11. Wheres the time when NFL defensive players gambled to injur star players , going to tens of thousands of dollars just to target one person.

  12. Where’s James Butler sucker punch after the fight without gloves? That shit was wack