Top 10 Video Game Events Gone Wrong

We all love events that celebrate video games, but they don’t always go according to plan. For this list, we’re looking at video game events, such as celebrations, award shows, and conventions, that went completely haywire. We will not be counting reveals, announcements, or trailers, especially E3, Nintendo Directs, and State of Plays as those have their own lists of awkward and disappointing moments. Our countdown includes the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary, the First Pokemon Go Fest, THQ Nordic’s AMA on 8Chan, and more! Which event in gaming do you think was the worst? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Which event in gaming do you think was the worst? Let us know in the comments below.
    For more video game goodness, check out our playlist:

  2. Another reason why the year of Luigi was a blow is because the Wii u was there worst selling console ever

  3. I just watched this video from start to finish and dont understand not one thing that was said in this video

  4. I honestly thought that Sonics anniversary were they introduced sonic 06 was going to be #1 in this list

  5. You’ve forgotten the big twist with the Apple/Epic lawsuit:
    Although apple did technically win, YES, that “victory” would come at the cost of being forced to remove their requirements to pay for third party DLC directly through apple’s App Store.
    So all in all, it can barely be called a win for ether company.

  6. I’m disappointed with the year of Luigi. Mario sucks, Luigi is awesome. He’s my favorite Nintendo character, and Mario is my least favorite. Yes, I even like Waluigi more than that jerk hole Mario. Hell, I like the squid in Mario Bros 3 over him.

  7. that Brack dude needs a fucking haircut
    he looks ridiculous with long hair
    not every man look good with long hair anyways and he is no exception

  8. Oh yeah, Diablo Immortal, Mario’s 35th Birthday, and the time Epic and Apple sued each other.
    Let’s start with what I think about Diablo Immortal, the game is so bad I couldn’t log into the game.
    Next, Mario’s 35th birthday, Super Mario 3D All Stars was a mistake and shouldn’t release it as a limited time game offer.
    And lastly, the Epic and Apple lawsuit, that lawsuit was fucking pointless, Apple won the case and Epic won it too, but in reality, they both lost that case!

  9. What you skipped with the Epic vs Apple ruling was the major part of the lawsuit Epic won.
    “Apple’s anti-steering provisions hide critical information from consumers and illegally stifle consumer choice. When coupled with Apple’s incipient antitrust violations, these anti-steering provisions are anticompetitive and a nationwide remedy to eliminate those provisions is warranted.”

    The Court also noted that the iPhone-maker’s “anti-steering restrictions artificially increase Apple’s market power by preventing developers from communicating about lower prices on other platforms.”

    Besides, Judge Rogers issued a permanent injunction, preventing Apple from forbidding developers from introducing direct payment methods and including external links and other calls to action inside their apps.”
    Basically while Epic has to pay up, they won the ruling on their side of their original complaint.