Things We Do When Nobody Is Looking | Michael McIntyre Stand Up Comedy

Watch Michael McIntyre’s stand up comedy special Showman, streaming now on Netflix!

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  1. In Norway, with the spit situation. We adress it. Just, do I get a towel with that shower? It’s a not offensive response, instead of FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! We are a polite bunch.

  2. I am that person who uses the sun to both navigate and tell the time. I can get pretty accurate with the time, surprises me all the time.

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  4. Ive never liked Michael McIntyre he is shit- ever since Stuart Lee made the gag about his observational comedy being akin to spoon feeding people warm diarhoea It just resonated with me. I find the generalities of it benal and the uniformity of its recption among the audience like a poltical rally. But im sure his accounts are fine

  5. Seriously one of the most talented comedians! So hilarious without using expletives unnecessarily! If he comes to Australia, I will personally arrange for my family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, basically anyone I know to attend his show! Legendary comedian! We all need a laugh. MM return of the Mac!

  6. I bet he’s a fun husband, brother, dad! Life would be a laugh a minute! Pity I’m an old woman now! 😩🥺😩🥺

  7. This is one James Mason impersonation away from an Eddie Izzard tribute act! If you enjoy this, look up Izzard – Glorious and see what you think.

  8. The only comedian who makes the light man and the camera man busy throughout his acts😁

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