The Truth about Getting Grants – My Tips for Nonprofits

Grant writer, Cheree Warrick, gives you real information about raising money for your nonprofit.

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  1. In your commentary you don’t mention if the 20 identified grant applications are over a one-year or two-year period. It is UNREALISTIC for a nonprofit to apply for twenty (20) grants during a 12-month period, that’s called “Chasing Grants” not too mention, does the nonprofit even have the capacity to pursue 20 grants?? Let alone fund the pursuit of 20 grants particularly if the grant writer is NOT a part of the staff or development team.

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  4. This was great information. I would like to speak with you regarding grant writing. I am the President of a veteran organization and we are 501C3. Thank you;.

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  6. The United States Government is giving out the sum of $500,000 as a grant to citizens who have consistently paid their income taxes on time. This grant is part of the administration’s vision to reward citizens who have helped the government generate internal revenue.

    If you think you are qualified for this, please send your proof of tax, alongside your ID and other credentials to the email Please note that selected participants will be contacted privately via email for further direction on how to proceed.

    Thanks for your participation and wish you the best of luck with your application.

  7. Hey my name is Shawn Baxley . I’m looking to start a non profit for vets going through hardship and troubled teens in my city … jersey city , nj. I would like to speak with you for more helpful tips , would it be ok if I have your number or email please

  8. After listening to you sis… I have no choice but to Like! Share! & Subscribe! Thanks 🤗❤️😎🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  9. Hello how are you I am looking for a grant writer can you help I have my own nonprofit organization for single moms and children I also have my 501 c 3

  10. Hello, I’m interested in starting a non profit . I really need assistance. Do I have to have a comittee board to start and finding an office is a little difficult because of the pandemic. What suggestions do you have