The quest for Nikola Tesla’s wireless power technology

Nikola Tesla’s biggest dream was a worldwide network of wireless power transmission. He built a lab and a massive prototype transmission tower…that never worked. But, a century later, engineers are chasing the same dreams of wireless power and making some tantalizing headway. So was Tesla onto something?

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  1. Good think Give me time so I can finish yours project jyoti electric projet fb peg
    on the electrical cables laying on the road and from that vehicles running on that electricity and at the same time, it stores the energy by charging the batteries.

  2. The vengeful newsprint undeniably land because kiss totally appear off a fluttering account. aback, mere comic

  3. Imagine driving roads charging our vehicles man that would be amazing 😍

  4. The sky and the ground, can conduct energy through what quantum physics calls the “god particle” or “0 point energy” thats a science the main stream scientist have heard of talked about in quantum physics as just a “hypothesis” but haven’t fully discovered, due to tesla’s papers found by John G Trump, The military industrial complex is well aware of “0 point energy” and they even use it in many of their own craft. Point is it doesn’t benefit the rich who control the energy industry to use such a science.

  5. The thing I love and not so much love the Verge Science is that – in the very short video clip it introduces a magnificent side of science shaping our world yet leaving the enigmatic science knowledge untold to the audience.
    It creates the illusion of knowledge .

  6. The final chapter of his life is just gut-wrenching… A brilliant human being who created so much of the world we live in today who was boycotted because he was so damn selfless that greed had to trump him out of existence…

  7. A news reporter once asked Albert Einstein: “What is it like to be the smartest man alive?”
    and Einstein said,
    “I don’t know, you will have to ask Nikola Tesla”……………

  8. Imagine doing everything and yet not getting the Nobel prize you deserve.

    What hypocrisy

  9. Tesla had a lot of good ideas but this one wasn’t a good one. Permeability of the air means transferring electrical energy through the air leads to huge power losses and a waste of energy.

    Wireless power is only good for information transfer and that’s why we use wireless power for signals.

    Nikola Tesla kinda went crazy as time went on. Yet his contributions means we denote magnetic fields in units of Tesla.

  10. They say ground isn’t a good conductor then why do power stations neutral connect directly to ground?🤔

  11. How can you say its not possible when we all did not see what’s the design inside of that wardenclyffe?