The Problem With Nonprofits 6: Movement Capture
Does funding by the rich kill social movements…. on purpose?

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Pt0 – The Problem With Nonprofits Trailer/Intro

Pt1 – The Nonprofit Industrial Complex:

Pt2 – Nonprofit Hospitals and Universities

Pt3 – Capitalist Workplace Structures:

Pt4 – Good Allies! (To Inequality)

Pt5 – Social Service Not Social Change

Pt6 – Movement Capture
Pt7 – Professionalization

Pt8 – Success Stories
Pt9 – The Criminalization And Medicalization Of Violence

Videos leading up to this series:

What Is A Nonprofit?

A History Of Nonprofit Corporatization

Bill Gates: King Of Neoliberalism (Nonprofit Series)

Dunking On The National Council of Nonprofits!


Why The Super Rich Won’t Save The World

The Price of Civil Rights: Black Lives, White Funding, and Movement Capture

How Philanthropy Diverts Social Movements

The Self-Help Myth How Philanthropy Fails to Alleviate Poverty

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond The Nonprofit Industrial Complex

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  1. Should we expect movement capture to work its magic on BLM? If you’ve got evidence, provide links!

  2. Appreciate this especially since the mutual aid group I work with is seriously looking at becoming a 501c3 and I’m concerned

  3. This series is great! Feel so lucky that I’ve stumbled upon it! I wish I could convince my “I want to help people by volunteering in an NGO” partner to watch it.