The Problem With Nonprofits 1: The Nonprofit Industrial Complex

Voicework by @halim alrah

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Pt0 – The Problem With Nonprofits Trailer/Intro

Pt1 – The Nonprofit Industrial Complex: this video
Pt2 – Nonprofit Hospitals and Universities:

Pt3 – Capitalist Workplace Structures:

Pt4 – Good Allies! (To Inequality)

Pt5 – Social Service Not Social Change:

Pt6 – Movement Capture
Pt7 – Professionalization
Pt8 – Success Stories
Pt9 – The Criminalization And Medicalization Of Violence

Update: spencer’s nazi nonprofit was stripped of nonprofit status in 2017, somehow my dumbass missed that:


Military Industrial Complex

Prison Industrial Complex

New Jim Crow


INCITE! Beyond The Nonprofit Industrial Complex:

New Report: Nonprofits—America’s Third Largest Workforce

National Policy Institute 990 tax forms:

Videos leading up to this series:

What Is A Nonprofit?

A History Of Nonprofit Corporatization

Bill Gates: King Of Neoliberalism (Nonprofit Series)

Dunking On The National Council of Nonprofits!


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Angela Davis

Japanese Guy Wins Game Show (Hitoshi Matsumoto)

Nonprofits Are The Worst
Nonprofits Are The Worst

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  1. Here’s more info on INCITE! and their work from 2004 which ultimately inspired this video:

  2. That’s what I love to see on breadtube! Interesting subject, well researched with a personal spin, funny but not in a way that distracts from the topic. Def gonna follow this series.

  3. wow! i’m gonna have to rewatch it to rly understand it, i think, but this is sth that i’ve never heard about, presented rly engagingly, dude

  4. Actually, for someone with a master’s degree, $28 an hour sounds like a terrible wage, especially because of how much education costs!

  5. How does the work of organizations like the YMCA get in the way of the revolution though? They’re known to many simply as gyms but they also provide dormitories, food, and more across the USA (location and state dependent*), so where’s the political movement overlap…?

  6. The reason you cant find Form 990s after 2017 is because they didn’t file any. That is the primary reason they lost status.

  7. Mostly good points. But I find the Nazi part distracting. Just because you don’t agree with a Non Profits mission (I also don’t agree, but you know democracy and freedom of opinion) doesn’t make Non profits a problem. I would rather liked to focus on the making tax free profits with Non Profits part.

  8. Kinda reminds me of Hitchens talking about the american “human rights” community.

  9. I love this series! I just started a job in middle management for a non profit that provides free and low cost housing for unhoused people with mental health diagnoses. Any ideas on how to advocate for the lowest paid workers I supervise?

    In a different setting, my strategy would be to completely eff the company, who cares, but this agency does some very good work, so I don’t feel eff the company is appropriate. At the same time, the people under me work the hardest and get paid the least :-/

  10. Yo I have really bad adhd and I also happen to really like “video essays” but most of them are so boring and monotone that I can’t actually pay attention so thanks for actually making videos that I can watch without getting bored after 3 minutes

  11. somehow i searched and found exactly what i was looking for on this website. excited to binge this well made series.

  12. Really cool video, a lot of work and very informative and quick. Really needs more attention.