The problem of education inequality | CNBC Reports

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted education inequality affecting both poor and rich nations across the world. CNBC’s Tom Chitty goes to find out the best ways of tackling what many believe is at the root of all inequality.

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  1. When you act like a teacher can teach several kids at once and you treat all the kids equally and compare them to others and make them so dependent on each other when they’re really really young so the whole class seems bad when in reality it’s just a few retards that need to have their own seperate class. This is why parents should teach their kids not strangers who are surrounded by immature little people five days a week and get to decide whether or not those kids pass or fail based on tests that only really test how well one can remember stuff and not actually learn the stuff.

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  3. There will never be equality in education or wealth. That’s what makes us all get up and work hard, we want to be at the top.

  4. I can always tell that these videos are super credible because of the handheld camera work and the distracting and completely unnecessary zooms.

  5. If you really want educational equallity or equity, you should live in a socialism countries. Arguing about the equallity in the free competitive market where we are living is absurd.

  6. Take this to your government schools and teach it:

    The government gang is a giant gang of thieves who use theft and violence to survive and win supporters.

    Do you have a real job or are you a parasite?

    Are you on the government take?

    Are you being corrupted by government plunder?

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  10. This issue needs more attention from everyone, very nice work done by the CNBC team to highlight this issue in your report

  11. Hi I would like to ask you to shed some light and wisdom into my recent situation. My kids goes to a public elementary school in Boston and we have been very happy with the diverse culture and rigorous educational instruction.
    Our kids recently started a hybrid model at their school and went back to school in person couple days ago. Second week in, I noticed that four of my child’s third grade schoolmates have been meeting after school at one of the their houses and getting private group study sessions from one of the school teachers.
    This does not sit well on me because of few reasons. Three of the students are fairly close to my child at school and I am concerned if he would feel left out when he learns about this.
    For one, I felt left out immediately when I found out.
    Second of all, those students are already high performing students who are getting even more ahead by this extra instruction.
    The school is public school that serves 80% poverty level families and because of the Spanish immersion model, the school’s demographic is very diverse with half of Spanish children. And then the rest of the half are white and other races from the neighborhood.
    The parents who organized this group are very cliquey and they seemed to have formed a tight bond of their own based on a socioeconomic status.
    I can try to understand that this type of thing happens all the time and falls under our very own nature and desire to have our children succeed academically.
    But as a parent with a child who weren’t invited or included in this study group cannot help to wonder that my child and other 3rd grade students will somehow in the disadvantage from them getting more schooling.
    Also I just wonder if it is even acceptable for public schools to allow their school teachers to provide additional schooling to a private group for a fee.
    I thought about asking some questions to the parents who organized this group or have a open discussion with the principal and the school teachers what their thoughts are. But also hesitant to bring this into a issue to our school community.
    What would you do if this exact thing happened within your child’s class? What would be your advice if this is your area of expertise?

    *This is my personal opinion on what is happening to me and our children in their school.

  12. Yeah, boys and men are left behind and absolutely no one gives a crap!
    Not even you, as you are speaking about “inequality” and never ever talk about the elephant in the room, the boys’ dropout rate, achievement rate and lack of male educators and teachers as role models.

    Oh, wait, we’re not suppose to talk about things that contradict the narrative.