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I am a Teacher – Official Short Film
I am a Teacher - Official Short Film

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Quadeca – Sisyphus Official Music Video
Quadeca - Sisyphus Official Music Video

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Things We Do When Nobody Is Looking | Michael McIntyre Stand Up Comedy
Things We Do When Nobody Is Looking | Michael McIntyre Stand Up Comedy

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  1. It’s either fight back or secede from this illegal administration
    Pray that God intervenes.

  2. Im tired of ppl telling me how great the VA is…they miss treated my Dad in there. Selling members (active duty ?).. Thats right up there with CCP hacking the Denver Personell center during Obummer Admn.

  3. there will be no jobs after the government raises the taxes on all businesses that employ anybody.

  4. I agree with questioning being in the Military under Comrade OBiden. I feel under Obummer I was targeted using the VA. Along with most of the Vets I met in the VA. The battles they put these guys through. People at the VA used to freak when I told them to take me off the Obama death list. Things got better under 45. Enough where I can live in subsidized old folks place near the lake, hospital, dentist with the VA covering me still. Small victories. 😁

  5. God Has Been warning and Warning..
    We’re Going Threw Satan’s Wrath..
    Much More Destruction And Devastation
    Is Banging On The Door..

    Prepare, Get Your House Spiritually
    Prepared. Great Testing And Trials
    Are Upon Us..

    Pray For Direction, Discernment,
    And For Strength, To Endure Until
    The End..

    May Our Lord And Saviour Have
    Mercy, And Bless You all..

  6. SHALOM…

  7. That video of Biden falling was CGI. Watch his back as he walks into the plane. A sideways white steak appears and then disappears right about waist high.

  8. Whatever will the boomers do if Social Security is going away? Universal basic income (U.B.I. – Communist in origin) will be dictated by a social credit system.

  9. The area of Washington DC is going underwater. This has been known for a while. After the earthquakes come. Soon. Look up “dutchsinse” Thats why its being abandoned. It was built on a swamp.

  10. The (government?) was relocated to Colorado a long time ago. Some is in Chicago.
    They can be anywhere there is a computer.

  11. This is great entertainment Mr. Mount. All the truth is coming out. Some people here in The Northern Territory don’t believe a flag is important, but the other countries around the world, seem to think its very important. Thanks for your Chanel, you and the Miss’s seem very happy together and its just not that common of a thing anymore. The Fathers peace be with you both.