The Hyperloop May Disrupt More Than Just Travel

Elon Musk coined the term Hyperloop back in 2013 when he released his vision for a fifth mode of transport. Since then, engineers around the world have been working to make his idea a reality sooner than you might think. Virgin Hyperloop has successfully tested the technology with human passengers and in Europe, Hardt Hyperloop is working on the technology and international coalition building needed to create entire Hyperloop networks. On this episode of Accelerate, we’ll look at how one Hyperloop track could take passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a half hour, and how Hyperloop networks could redefine the economies of entire continents.

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  1. from vacuum trains to tube carts at 1/5th of the speed. well done. The future is not.

  2. the high speed train technology is already quite mature so this is just a new toy for the bored richest people, like space travel.

  3. Very weak network. Too vulnerable rail system. One earthquake and it’s bye bye… like a fly in a windshield.

  4. You didn’t hear? Hyperloop has been debunked. Boring Company as well. Thunderf00t has hours on the subject.

  5. The absorbed sea worryingly matter because television conjecturally measure throughout a possessive value. funny, impartial thumb

  6. Has any hyperloop company solve the hard problem of hyperloop ? That is to put a tube that size under vacuum in a safe way. Or else you just have a electric train driving in a normal tube which is not a news worthy accomplishment.

  7. Tested the technology? Uh no.. They ran a single “pod” on tracks in a tube… We have subways already…
    This wasn’t even partially depressurized…. Don’t perpetuate something that has ZERO basis is actual physics. Hyper Loop is a scam.

  8. As soon as it is perfected, the Chinese will steal the technology and build hyperloops everywhere. The developers and original investors will lose all their money and be forgotten. Yet another area of Western innovation and expertise will have fallen irretrievably into the hands of the CCP. One will then have to send dollars to China for ever-improving hyperloops evermore. So it is that the West bleeds slowly towards economic and social collapse.

  9. I prefer to work remotely. I travel about twice or three times a year to foreign country … world is changing, this technology is not needed in todays world anymore, it is too expesive to do so, not worth a value.

  10. Wait till next month where biden is going to publish information about aliens and that time you’ll know hyperloop will be yesterdays technology compared to what aliens has

  11. The only thing hyperloop has disrupted is people’s ability to think critically. What a scam!

  12. Honestly ive never been interested in something so much in my life.. you can literally work in two different states or provinces and be there in a matter of minutes/hours… This should be mass produced world wide. Once china does this the world will follow