Tensions over Xinjiang: China warns foreign firms not to engage in politics

China has warned firms not to engage in politics after foreign retail brands like H&M raised concerns over forced labour in Xinjiang. Officials have also accused Western countries of trying to destabilise China, after a coordinated wave of sanctions from the EU, US, Canada and Britain. Beijing continues to reject accusations of human rights violations against Xinjiang’s Uighur Muslim community.

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  1. “China warns foreign firms not to engage in politics”
    Everything is political, and when dealing with the CCP, that remains the same.

  2. The whole of China 1.4 billions come out to support Xinjiang’s cotton and all Chinese A listed celebrity terminate workd with those anti-China base on Iraq #WMD Washing power.

    Uyghurs, in fact, all 56 ethnicity of China have good CPC government and they have wisdom. Chinese people don’t like to talk politic. you discrimination, anti-China and lies about Chinese government we will not tolerate. #Xinjiang #Uyghurs #cotton #SupportXinjiangCotton


  3. 0:25 Foreign companies are welcome to visit (under what stipulations?)

    What about foreign governments? What about the UN? And also, under what stipulations?
    As I understand this, this goes way beyond just the cotton fields (in fact, it doesn’t involve cotton fields at all). So to invite people to go to cotton fields, is the CPC trying to misdirect the conversation to a more desired place.

  4. i don’t have to travel to the USA but I can say there are over 50 billion black people being jail and forced labor in the USA cotton field.

  5. China is great believer in human rights ,transparency and freedom of expression. West seems jealous of china freedom and success.

  6. Simple China let the world access to those camps in question. It will clear up who is telling the truth. No need to warn firms this or that. They already being boycotted if they say something about China. (P.S. I’ll see how many offended people are going to reply with nonsenses. LOL) (P.P.S I wonder how people from China are commenting on Youtube??? LOL???)

  7. How can china keep in check what the internet and the world says about it why not just worry about it if it’s not true. Doing this just clarifies there using forced labor!!!

  8. Why do USA care much about xinjiang Muslim while they are killing millions of Muslims worldwide…. the levels of hypocrisy is not so entertaining…

  9. we killed lotsa muslims in afghanistan
    we killed lotsa muslims in iraq
    we killed lotsa muslims in lybia
    we killed lotsa muslims in syria
    we just killed more muslims in syria
    but we really really care about the uyghur muslims in china

  10. The problem is what the ” forced labour” is. Is it a bad job your boss forced you to do? Or just low salary? Or your government assign the job for you in force? Could Singapore media explain a little?

    Besides, what is “cultural extinction”? If the government forced the children to leave parents and to force them to receive another identity, what moral problems are there? Is Singapore government feeling okay on this?

  11. I will continue to buy Chinese clothes made with Chinese cotton. I value my life, my job and my business.

  12. I remember when Iraq made fun of USA, I traveled allot and when people found out im American. They said Husayn was gonna kick Bush’s ass. I didn’t say anything because I knew what America is capable of. It took 1 night to end his army, if i remember correctly and Husayn was hiding in some hole. China is supposed to be place for making cheap goods, now they are stealing intellectual property from every one worth stealing from. And trust me when all the nebhoring countries have enough of China US is gonna come whit his homes and finish the job. India, pakistan, the Africa’s, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and so on says China is bad for business. Don’t worry and be ignorant. What happened to Japan will happen again to YOU

  13. USA is finished. Racism protests shootings Covid unemployed foodbank storm the Capitol blackout no water frozen to death more shootings evicted live in tents. US human rights is live in tents. 600 US billionaires made one trillion dollars from Covid while your court ruled minimum wage remain at $7.25 unchanged since 2011. Go shoot your Wall Street billionaires.

  14. Visit?? Michele Bachelet, head of the UN Commission for Human Rights is still waiting for a visit without without restrictions . Take Chinese government (Jiang Duan, Chinese delegation for UNHRC, March 2021) stating “the door to Xinjiang is always open & we welcome the high commissioner to Xinjiang. Conversation is kept up by 2 Sides but the aim of the visit is to provide exchanges in cooperation rather than the soo called investigation based on guilty until proven. We are firmly apposed to anyone to using this to engage in politial operations to pressure China”.

  15. USA 🇺🇸 is not Qualified to be the most powerful nation on earth 🌍 😂🤣😂🤣😂