Teachers Union President Caught Screwing Teachers Public Education

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  1. But Jimmy you want your future leaders to have the best education there is. It is in your own interest.

  2. Now if they could stop preaching american exceptionalism, we might start producing sane children.

  3. I went to a few private schools. There were so many black and brown students that won free scholarships to those schools! I am ALL for kids getting out of the hood to receive that opportunity. You clearly are missing the point here. This will give AMAZING chances for smart kids to get a huge piece of the American Pie!!! NYC public schools are so corrupt!!! I am HAPPY AF that private schools can give a better education to those who TRY HARD. Maybe we need to work on giving money toward better parenting and stop putting people in prison for bullshit. I was lucky in life because my dad came from nothing, but he was smart and went to West Point. Why shouldn’t a “minority” win a scholarship and get the hell away from hell??!!! And….my dad did many tours in Nam and Korea…then became a Diplomat….why can’t someone from the hood get that chance???? It starts from a solid family….and then you have to fight. I am all for getting ANYONE of any color out of a bad environment. Dad was born in Brooklyn, NY lost his dad at age 14….he fought and he gave me a wonderful life. Why shouldn’t someone from the hood get that same chance??? The public schools are violent and GARBAGE here in NY. Fill up the private schools!!!! Fund them to the top and stop paying for WAR.

  4. Charter schools are better. Public schools have to much bureaucracy and crazy pensions. End all government pensions, pay them minimum wage and give them all Obama care. This is what all government employees deserve.

  5. lol you Americans make me laugh, the demenrats lied about absolutely everything, except the election, you know the world is laughing at you all, right?

  6. Who is surprised that the Uniparty did this?
    They don’t really hate RINOS.

    Bill Fucking Clinton in Rwanda, or the Clinton Foundation in Haiti or pick a place on the globe.
    These people are globalists.
    They are monsters.
    These same leaders have connections.
    Follow the money.
    They’re all corrupt!!!

  7. Keeping the schools closed helps the country transition to the New Normal…..???

  8. Private schools are better for students who cares about a bunch of entitled upper middle class teachers who hate the average person and propagandize people into supporting war

  9. The private schools and their students are far better than our totally f’d up public schools. How ignorant are you Jimmy not to see this. The culture of elitism by our public education system while spending 5x more than any other country and having horrendous results. IT’S NOT MONEY ITS OUR CULTURE!

  10. Parents who send their kids to private schools still pay property taxes that find public schools.

  11. This is part of the reason we are so screwed in this country. Many of the major union leaders have sold out. Last Labor Day, Richard Trumka, the head of the AFL-CIO made a speech against MediCare for all. That is about as short-sighted as a union leader can get. As a member of the USW, I watched as union leaders negotiated away previously won gains in order to hang onto increasingly worsening healthcare. Also, Trumka was ignoring what happens when union members lose their jobs and thus their healthcare. Finally, unions are supposed to look out for the welfare of all working people not just their members.

  12. No surprise. Support for public school is an illusion. Where do you think all of these powerful people send their kids to school?

  13. “Baby Boomers blew through resources, racked up debt, and brought an end to economic growth, using their enormous voting power to elect Politicians who enacted policies that typically benefitted Boomer’s interests, rather than future Generations.”

  14. They didn’t change their tune, they are just a cover band playing the same song.

  15. How do they get away with such obvious corruption.. if this is not shocking , I don’t know how far are we going to descend ! Have we reached the bottom yet?