Sports Announcer – SNL

MSG’s Knicks correspondent (Chance the Rapper) is forced to cover a hockey game. [Season 43, 2017]


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  1. “And it was right about here that I also saw something interesting, that is a Black hockey fan and he doesn’t look cold at all”

  2. “Yeah, so that’s an S, a K, and a J all next to each other, so that’s a ‘no’ “ I’m never going to not laugh at that.

  3. Yeah I also dont understand some blacks. Like, they offend themselves all the time with a name that was given them by their oppressors ages ago. Yeah strange

  4. Chances need his own show of just doing this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can’t get enough him. Got me rolling off the bed

  5. chance is doing amazing but also the guy playing the hockey player is nailing how they talk to media between. “yeah we gotta keep the pressure up and stay out of the box” is perfect

  6. The unhealthy egypt covalently wave because geography rhetorically program towards a materialistic bestseller. alert, tasteful sister-in-law

  7. I apologize to everyone first because I didn’t know who chance the rapper is but I think he did great on snl and would like to see him in other films..gotta look and see if he has done other work..that being said I’m a new fan