Should You Buy a TOYOTA CHR? Test Drive Review 2.0 Hybrid

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  1. I adore the shape of this car, I just wish toyota did an Actual performance version of it.

    Love it in White – it kinda looks like a Stormtrooper’s helmet.

  2. I’ve never seen anyone under 40 at the wheel of this car, a lot of old people. Understandable, but still a bit baffling.

  3. The Honda Civic is a prime example of a car that doesn’t know when to stop in the styling department.

  4. Still don’t know if I like it, different yes, badly need a sunroof. Good job the wipers work up there !

  5. I think it’s a nice car, but I always wondered why it seems people are buying SUVs in the UK like crazy now, because they have less space then most estates and some hatchbacks. Is it about safety? I’m not sure where the interest lies and really because I thought about getting a SUV for the family car but both my hatchbacks have so much more room than these cars.. cabin and boot space.

  6. I agree Matt RE: the safety features that can’t be switched off, or that become reinstated every time you switch on and off again.

    My dad’s XJR has adaptive cruise, which I personally dislike, and whilst it can be adjusted down in terms of distance, it can’t be switched off altogether. Annoying.

  7. I’d like to think this was originally designed to be a 25% bigger car and Toyota just scaled it down for production. In isolation it looks great, next to a small hatch it looks a bit ridiculous.

  8. Another great review. Not really on my radar this car but I do always notice them. I think it would look quite nice parked outside my bungalow – safe with just a hint of attitude.

  9. Great car for a young couple but many back seat passengers find it claustrophobic in the back because of restricted window view. Not a car to take on holiday to admire the scenic views.

  10. Great video Matt, I was never a fan of the CHR, I looked at it in 2019 before getting the CT200h. It just didn’t feel as well polished for the money (circa £27k I believe then).
    Congrats again on reaching over 100k subs! 🙂

  11. Spot on below, massive candidate for a panoramic roof accentuated by the blacked out windows on the back quarter windows. Other than that it’s an intuitive car and a very good one at that.

  12. Expecting it to unfold, grow legs and run across the fields terrorising the populace. A la transformer.

  13. was surprised at the cruise stalk, its exactly the same as the one on my 2006 RX400h. You get to live with, if not like noisy cvt’s. While not exciting, hybrids great as a daily, leaving weekends free for something a bit foldy roofy 🙂