Sharon Osbourne on If She’ll Leave The Talk and Where Things Stand With Sheryl Underwood | Exclusive

Only ET’s Kevin Frazier sat down with ‘The Talk’ host for a conversation about the recent allegations and ongoing controversy.

Exclusives from #ETonline :


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  1. Love watching people who supported cancel others, get destroyed by cancel culture themselves. How many times has she jumped in on calling people racist that weren’t?
    Getting butter for my popcorn while they eat each other.

  2. Cancel culture is nothing but organized bullying. I believe they were both set up for the $$ and the views.

  3. I was an avid fan of “The Talk” until Sharon Osborne went off on a rant against Trump, on two separate occasions! Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but not in such hateful rants! I refused to watch “The View” because of their strong political bias, & same hateful rants! Unfortunately, Sharon soured me on watching “The Talk”, which I no longer do. So sad!

  4. There you have it! Media inciting more divisive behavior. Media only cares about ratings.

  5. When The Talk started to dig into politics the last summer, I stop watching the show. It was a show where I could be entertained and laugh, cry too over people they introduced that had unfortunate events. Now, it’s become another “test” show it sounds like. Test your temperament. I stand with Sharon. Sharon doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She speaks her mind. That’s nothing new. She kicked an intruder in the ass when he tried to take over the microphone at the daytime Emmys. She’s been through a lot and survived. By Sheryl not responding to this apology, she’s fueling the furnace. The Talk is not my cup of tea anymore. I stopped watching and I’m glad I did if this is the direction it wants to go in.

  6. Sharon should never have sided with Piers. If she says she is not racist, then how the hell can she support Piers and his terrible attacks on black women like Meghan?

  7. Maoist “struggle sessions” is what this looks like. There was nothing racist about Piers Morgan saying he doesn’t believe that obvious narcissist Meghan Markle, and quite frankly nobody would have guessed she was “black” until the media said so. Sheryl Underwood is just another race-baiting sock puppet for the globalist elite seeking to find new ways to divide us and so are Meghan and Harry and all their out-of-touch woke bullshit. Simply stop watching these shows, stop watching them and stop accepting their framing of things.

  8. The evil communism that producers and executives of shows in force is obvious! Don’t apologize it’s ridiculous, IF YOU ARE TRUE FRIENDS Cheryl would never question

  9. I look white but I’m black apache Mexican too…if I said the N word I’d be crucified and black people are constantly calling me old white cracker hillbilly and no one frowns😲

    To add-on, that is why I’ll remain anti-social introvert for the rest of my life!

  10. Race baiting is one of the many drama cards that the MSM loves to play to boost ratings or to keep folks glued to their seats.

  11. Gayle king should be ashamed to be called a journalist as well as her buddy Oprah. They are biased racists. Spreading hate and putting the Queen and her family in danger.
    When everything in that interview was heresay and unsubstantiated. Sharon has the right to free speech. Go Sharon!

  12. Can’t believe that they did this to Sharon… hate cancel culture does no one any good.

  13. Now that it’s obvious the RF & British public prefer not to acknowledge the mental anguish they put upon Harry & Meghan, just like they did to Diana, and also like they did to Queen E’s sister, Margaret. Then there is no more need to worry about loyalties to the Brits.
    Meghan is well-educated, with a university degree, and has some experience in the political field so she should run for some political office in the US. If Trump can have a foreign born wife, there is nothing to stop Meghan from going after a political position as well, say Governor of California to start with or a seat in Congress.
    Meghan had a public voice before meeting Harry, since she was 12 yrs old, and both M&H are already familiar with public service. Their dirt is aired out so they’ve got nothing left to lose and they are well recognized globally. They have plenty of powerful backing in the US, so I say Meghan, “Go for it”, YOLO!!.