SCP-469 Many Winged Angel SCP Animation

Exposed: SCP Animation of Keter class object SCP-469 aka Many Winged Angel.
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The winged creature was first discovered in an abandoned underground cavern in a remote part of Italy, in 1956. The creature was found by a wandering traveller, who stumbled upon its hiding place by pure coincidence. The traveller was shocked to find the winged creature there, and immediately returned back to the town to notify everyone. Worshippers went there to praise what they believed to be an angel. However, as soon as they stepped close to the creature, it lashed out and swallowed them, killing them all. A total of twenty eight people were murdered. It is noted that the creature appeared to be asleep throughout this whole ordeal. Even when unconscious SCP-469 proved to be incredibly dangerous.

Luckily, Foundation personnel were already at the scene as they had been working on investigating a separate SCP case. Squad-15B was dispatched to the cavern, where they were able to capture the creature and transport it in a locked cage. It is believed the only reason personnel were able to capture and contain the creature was due to a sudden “deep sleep” that had struck SCP-469. If the creature had been even remotely conscious, no doubt all of Squad-15B would have been destroyed, and the creature would have escaped.

This video, being derived from and is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.

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