Science Experiment Proves Afterlife Is Real

We have all wondered what happens when we die. Do we see a bright light, or some of our ancestors guiding us, or a black void of nothing? In today’s amazing new video one scientist is out to prove that there is an afterlife and he may just have the evidence to support his theory! Check out our new video to discover if the afterlife is real!


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  1. I died… I don’t go around just saying that but it’s true. 3 years ago. There was no bright lights. There was nothing. It was like before I was born. Sadly because of that I lost faith

  2. Ha! But wow. I donate $500 every Monday at least now. I work harder and give a lot now! Do that part is true for me. Just no guiding light

  3. Imagine when you die you see a game pop up message that says “you have died do you want to log out?”
    And then you realised that it was just a vr simulation a game that gives you life and makes you forget about everything

  4. All these experiences that people say they experience in near death situations is the same stuff we all experience in our dreams. They are always specific to what the person believes so basically just people validating their beliefs.

  5. what saddens me is the reason for acting kind, and helping others. Why dont do that every day when possible.

  6. But then why would the consciousness be able to be bound to a human or animal body, but not to an inanimate object?

  7. So what happens when someone has their head cut off or is blown to smithereens with a bomb? What happens if you have no chance to prepare for going into the afterlife?

  8. According to sanatan dharm non duality theory after death there is nothing remains those thing remains is nothing related to you and through proper meditation we can recognise it which is immortal but immortal doesn’t have any quality of mortal human. This immortal thing is one in we all. I think all the lucid illution they are watching after there heart stop to pump oxygen is just faint situation of brain.