Science Can Link Your Brain to a Computer. Are You Ready?

Linking computers to human minds has long been a staple of science fiction. But now it’s closer to reality, with huge implications for healthcare, technology, and even the future of the species.

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  1. How do you feel about using your brainwaves to directly control a computer?

  2. Beta testers were disappointed because all they could do was push a button on the screen!!! Jesus H Christ!!! Have they no imagination? What can you do with just button pushing? Lets see. How about putting a virtual keyboard on the screen to replace the actual keyboard. What? It’s already been done? What about controlling the movement of the pointer on the screen? Well we saw that demonstrated in the vid. With these two functions alone you have access to an Internet connected computer. What can you do with this? Surf the Net. Write an email or a book. Write computer code and hack computer networks. i.e. you can’t do anything you can do with an Internet connected computer.
    Artificial speech for the inarticulate. Done. Virtual reality goggles for the paralysed. Done. Nothing is beyond the Internet connected person.
    Sack those beta testers, they lack the imagination to contribute to turning potential into actuality.
    BCI is nothing less than a revolution.

  3. At timestamp 17:00, “to change the brain’s perception of reality …” I would argue that man’s perception rarely delivers reality to the brain. The brain’s bias, developed over a lifetime, causes the brain to filter all the information coming in to the brain so that only that which is consistent with the brain’s existing world picture is allowed into the brain.

  4. Wow Bloomberg Quicktake your documentary making skills in it self is life changing. Keep it up.

  5. old news!!!!!!!!!! is no news!!!!!!!!!!! they have had games for years with same technology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I would guess, first to go will be our stomach. I mean it only prepares food, which can be predone. Slime injections directly into duodenum with all the elements needed for digestion. And here one could situate all the equipment needed for connection. Vague nerv, even spinal cord. Ironically, our food served us to become more social, all the gathering and hunting, dining and cooking, and on the next step it provides the ground for even more connectedness.

  7. In china they steal liver from people, imagine what they gonna do with this kind of tech.