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Lisa receives a butler A.I. to Turing test, and over the course of the procedure, she discovers the A.I. is not what it seems and her entire world disrupted.

“Intelligentia” by Ken Shinozaki

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More About “Intelligentia”:
Lisa, an AI auditor conducts an interview with a new AI program named Eugene. Eugene’s conversational performance was exceptional, but once he started to talk about his daughters and showed signs of self awareness, Lisa and her team decides to shutdown the program. However, Lisa wanted to talk to Eugene one last time before deleting him, but as the conversation deepens, she realizes that it was never Eugene that was being audited. It was her being audited by Eugene all along.

“Intelligentia” Credits:
Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Colorist: Ken Shinozaki
Producer: Sydney Kasahara

Lisa: Rain Fuller
Alan: CJ Baker
Eliza: Cecilia Bryant
David: Chris Hebner
Eugene: Ken Shinozaki

Cinematographer/Musical Score/VFX: Ryo Shiina
Assistant Director: Adam Chase Cohen
Assistant Camera: George Ellett, Jon Na
Production Designer: Cynthia Wu
Art Director: Corey Crandall
G&E: Alex Robinson, Juliet Lambert
Script Supervisor: Madeliene Rai
Hair & Make-up: Abigail Smith
Sound Operator: Richard Tur
Art Assistant: Lively Lai
Art Assistant: Cody Franklin
Art Assistant: Chris Hebner
PA: Hessaum Sadri
Set Dog: Boomer

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  1. Thank you so much to the team at DUST for showcasing our film! It was a pleasure to direct this short, and if you have any questions about the film, please feel free to ask!

  2. The twist was easy to see coming, but that still left how the resolution would play out, and did not disappoint. Excellent all around, the filming, editing, sound, writing, and acting made this a pleasure to watch. Was a little confused on the plot point about wiping the hard drive–anyone care to explain?

  3. Nice homage to Blade Runner.

    “How can it not know what is is?”
    “We gave her false memories”

  4. Keeps your attention never no where it’s going. In awe when you go d out . even though it stoped short it has not short just reached an end

  5. Saw it coming from the beginning. So, if the guy on the mac was the real human, she and her colleagues were all AI in a virtual world, and macman was on a terminal of his super computer, peering into their world…

  6. Spoilers, I guess.

    The old style of phone for her, and dial-up modem sound “for him” was a nice touch. They also mirrored how she didn’t expect “him” to have children but then, she had a child and others around her. The line of questioning was wrong in terms of trying to “certify” anything, but again, “his” questions were a mirror to her line of questioning. All good stuff. But, to nit pick, “her” line of reasoning was split between two completely different characters, and for “her” to pause the test would have been a red flag. Related to that, it was the other character hinting to “her” that they have done this test before. Perhaps he represented a kind of Id or subconscious (AI within an AI), although that level of depth into how such a system might work likely wasn’t intentional. Last bit… We might assume that someone built an AI with a goal of testing AI’s, but it’s a real stretch to assume that it’s running some internal testing logic/methodology when not interacting with the outside world. The “real” testers needing to learn how to solve a type 4 issue from a type 4 that doesn’t know it’s inside the box, especially when they seem to be standard ops that the “real” testers would have provided as info to the fake testing team (ie, they already gave the type 4 the solution to type 4 “problem”).

    *I assumed the dropping of the cup was her seeing her recently lost husband in that low detail profile image, but it’s a thread not worth pulling on.

    **I’m also re-watching it.

  7. OK, I’m a little creeped out now. I only got two lines of dialogue into this, and, without going straight to the end, or looking at the description, I knew she was in a virtual world.

  8. Easy to see the twist coming – the old phone and the old computer – a new “intelligence” developing their internal technology. Pretty good short. 😀

  9. Is this my account name? waw i am now famous

  10. just excellent. The monochrome monitor and old Mac computer where clues. Very well done. – Type 4