Ricky Gervais On What Counts As An Act Of God | Universal Comedy

Can I speak to God please?

On his never-ending mission to make everyone an atheist, Ricky Gervais wants to discuss what makes something an act of God, when he’s meant to have created everything.

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  1. An Atheist who contradicts logic and his own existence lmao.. funny but an imbecile, too determined to proof there is no higher power

  2. This routine: When the Iceland volcano erupted, we couldn’t travel to Europe and that was a major problem.
    2020/2021: Hold my beer.

  3. Hi! Pathetic!! Was this devil worshiper ever “humorous? Be Good! Blackhat. Forced laughter has always been artificial.

  4. There was a Catholic nun helping blacks in 1920
    When the KKK was strong in the south. The klan leader publicly stated he was gonna get rid of that nun.
    Two days later a tornado blew the klan HQ away.
    Her order is still there till this day.

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  7. Wonder if you can subpoena god? Serious, witnesses should present before the court.

  8. Used to like Ricky. Then I realized what he really is. Now I just feel sad for him. Making a career out of mocking others beliefs. Sad

  9. “it was an act of god”
    Isn’t that the whole point of insurance, for when stuff like that happens?

  10. Yes you can. God is waiting for you to talk. Also he wants you to want to listen. It’s not necessarily a mathematical equation, which is more important, but I think as a sort of a guide line we have 2 ears and 1 mouth. Hinting that listening is more important than talking, crucial for us – but he enjoys both.
    Edit: he’s missing you. That’s why there’s the story of the Prodigal son. You can swap there a daughter too – and uf your father was a real … pain, or coldly absent you can swap there mother as well. Those are anyway human level concepts. If we speak of God’s sexuality – what’s the gender of life? god is more like ‘origosexual’ – the origin of the features of life, including the genders he gave us… for us to make more life.

  11. sorry GOD’s not here at the moment he’s out teaching priests how to do prostate exams on little boy’s, you can leave a pray for him for his forgiveness for your sin to guarantee for a seat in the afterlife or go to hell

  12. He has inherited the genius comedy mantle from Billy Connolly. The new king is Ricky, arise Sir Ricky.

  13. Ever Had the Mandela Effect? Revelations, Braggs, Kit-Kat, Proctor Gamble, Cheverolet, Dilemna, google, Linkdin, Korn Flakes, Vasoline, Depends, Tidy Cat, Dr.Pepper, Chic-Fill-a,
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  14. Just like: what counts as an act of climate change. Warmer=climate change, cooler=climate change, etc

  15. A good act is still a good act. An act of GOD is still an act of GOD. Thank goodness some shows are not a disaster.

  16. This shows up in my feed on the day a new volcanic eruption is happening in Greenland. Hmmm.