Rare ancient scroll found in Israel Cave of Horror – BBC News

Fragments of a Biblical scroll and other relics have been found in what officials call an “historic discovery” in desert caves in Israel.

The dozens of pieces of parchment were written in Greek, with just the name of God appearing in Hebrew.

The scroll is believed to have belonged to Jewish rebels who fled to the hills following a failed revolt against Roman rule in the 2nd Century.

They were found during an operation to prevent caves in the area being looted.

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  1. We need to be aware that there will arise a false Christ claiming to be the real Jesus, God says many will follow him because he will call down fire and seemingly come back from the dead after being killed, but he is actually Satan attempting to mimic Christ through jealousy, he will deceive many. But our real Lord Jesus Christ will come down from heaven in a cloud and everyone will see him and realize they have worshipped the wrong one. So if anyone on earth attempts to say they are Christ and you have not seen them first coming down from the clouds in heaven then they are not Jesus ok.

  2. 2000 years later the name of Jehovah is still glorified among mankind.. May your paradise earth take over by means of your kingdom soon father… we are in dire straits

  3. Still doesn’t prove the existence of the Christian God.. Imo the stories of God or gods comes from traveller’s from another galaxy or even further, and the people who lived in the lands obviously would have believed that they were visited by the God or gods..

  4. Dead-sea-scrolls were proven to be forged just last year in the Bible museum in America.

  5. That the fragments are in Greek raise some questions. We know from the Talmud, Tractate Megillah, that about this time King Ptolemy I of Egypt forced rabbis to do a Greek translation of the Torah. This translation was never accepted as authoritative by Jewish scholars and rabbis; for example, you will not see it referenced in the commentaries of Rashi or Rambam. Jews also remember the translation of the Torah into Greek as one of three national tragedies commemorated on the Fast of Tevet. The Greek translations of the Prophets and the Writings we have today were by Christian translators centuries later.

    So what about these newly found translations? They may be previously unknown translations other than those done in Egypt, and certainly not the ones translated by Christians. I don’t know if it is possible to do a comparison since only fragments were found, but the fact that God’s name is written in Hebrew certainly suggests that these are not the same Greek translations we have today. It should be noted, which this BBC report ignores, that these fragments were written by the Essenes, a sect separated from mainstream Judaism.

    On Alexander the Great’s conquest of Judea, it should be noted that the Jews surrendered without a fight on the condition that Alexander not interfere with the practice of Judaism. Alexander agreed to this condition, thus the Jews were the only ones under Alexander’s rule who did not have to accept the Greek religion. This would change after Alexander’s death, however, leading to the story of Chanukah and leading to the Hasmonean era. But that’s for another time.

  6. Praise the lord!Our God the creator of all the stuffs!There is none like you. May your glory be forever and ever!

  7. Apparently one of them translates as “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.”

  8. Imagine it was the last missing page of the bible and it just read “this story is purely fictional. Any similarities to real people or events is purely coincidence. Not to be taken seriously.”