Rallies Across The U.S. Honor Victims of Atlanta Shootings | NBC Nightly News

Thousands gathered at rallies nationwide to remember the eight victims, including six Asian women, who were killed in Atlanta during a shooting spree on Wednesday. The Atlanta police have not yet determined if the attack was a hate crime.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Rallies Across The U.S. Honor Victims of Atlanta Shootings | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Meghan and Harry must feel much safer. As for us in U.K Just vaccinated over half adult population. Coming out of lockdown. No mass hate crime shootings either.

  2. Asia has dozens of countries, large and small, each country has its own culture and language, the people of these countries do not understand each other’s language, they have nothing to do with China and do not love China, because China is always expanding and bullying small countries

  3. NOTHING to do with racism….start thinking for yourselves people. The media is a complicit tool for the Powers That Be in creating a narrative that WILL lead to you losing every single freedom you now enjoy. History repeats…it ALWAYS does.

  4. The fact that this man considered Asian women to be such a sexual temptation that he had to do this is racist in and of itself. 4% of the population in GA, he didn’t go after similar white or black owned businesses. Asian fetishization is killing people. Call this what it was.

  5. Why not talk about the other 2 people that got shot their lives is important to their families as well.

  6. Why do Asians leave their wonderful countries like China, S Korea and Japan and go to live in the most racist and racist countries in the world, which are America and Canada🤔

  7. I still remember the blks attacking Koreans and Asians in LA. The police abandoned them simply because the LAPD was afraid to stand up to the Blk Americans in fear of being called racist.

  8. Killer: I am not racist. I told you I have a sexual addiction.

    U.S. media: Naw, you’re racist.

  9. I am 65 this year am from the west but retired and now live in Asia country and have traveled to many Asia countries including China, Korea, Japan. I never face any racism problem before, instead I am always well respected by Asian people as their culture taught the young people the right thing to respect elderly. The only way to stop attack in the US is the government must deeply get involved and those attackers must be harshly punished. But I doubt the government care about this because the victims are all Asian people. So sad to this and they probably would claim this is America, democracy country and freedom. So they have the democracy and freedom to even attack elderly people.

  10. Let’s get this straight. The Owner is a white guy (shot). The Blonde at best married an Asian guy (Shot).
    We have 2 confirmed Asian and 4 unidentified that leads me to believe he shot customers? OK so I watched the rest of the video and Yeaaaa someone was getting a “Massage” and got shot.
    Well the Hate crime the media is spinning is a no go. 2 out of 8 people shot were Asian. And why do you people care if it was a hate crime? He acted alone, He murdered several people, and he is in jail trying to decide if he wants the death penalty or not right now.

    The situation is horrible none of these people in the Rub N Tug deserved to be shot in this way.

  11. Asian people are racist themselves we all know it we see how they treat black people when they come and support their business no the pressure is applying on them and we all should get in line and support right LOL if you can dish it you can take it

  12. Now that it’s Springtime, I’m waiting for the rioting, looting and killing to start up again. Might be the “Summer of Love” in Atlanta.

  13. none of this race stuff makes sense how can u blame a virus on Asians or crime on color lets love each other and respect for everyone lets change i believe in the human race lets come together so we can grow teach your kids to not judge people I don’t care what race what God u worship what gender u love we as people are meant for so much more than this I believe in us humans and one day we will judge on actions not color love and respect is what we need 👊🏼👊🏿👊🏻👊👊🏽👊🏾


  15. no rioting and looting yet? wow.
    wonder why. maybe because Trump isn’t President and provoking his supporters.