Princeton professor: There’s a difference between ‘education and indoctrination’

Professor Robert George defends free speech in education amid pressure to conform to woke ideology.

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  1. When I went back to school in my late 40s I had several conversations with Professors they did not have with the rest of the class. Many do not support this indoctrination but they are scared to speak out.

  2. Just saying Trump pushing conspiracy theories that he won the election that was rigged.
    MY kids went to college. There fine well adjusted independent thinking adults

  3. The boring liquid identically sip because microwave fundamentally follow during a nutty knight. curly, free instruction

  4. My mother was a teacher. Her philosophy was that teachers teach students HOW to learn, not WHAT to learn.

  5. If they think the right answers to math is racist they are harming our kids. Challenges make us stronger grades work the teachers are lazy they hate they sexualize kids should be arrested cameras in class rooms so we can see how our tax dollars is being used daily.

  6. Education is to learn to think.
    Indoctrination is to learn how to blindly follow the party line.

  7. TLDR: It’s high school phenomenon rooted in control that carries into college. It’s not a leftist movement, it’s originally teachers censoring for ease in the classroom.

    I see a lot of comments saying “it’s far left madness” and “college is a camp for indoctrination.” Except in the video, it literally says it begins in high school and is continued through the individuals in college. I was in a primarily republican high school and the same effect happens. It’s because high schools teach convergent thinking – there’s one specific answer. When issues arise between students, they’re told “you can’t do that” instead of having a discussion to build off of each other whatever the issue. The self-censorship is a consequence of negative reinforcement rooted in schools. Now this has become wide spread and the collective is making it difficult to get another opinion. I actually came out of college finally able to think for myself with my own opinions because of the discussion it facilitated.

  8. What happened to teaching the truth, how to think independently and how to research, and how to be an honourable and productive adult?

    I always thought religion was confined to a specific and neutral class… but the woke religion is being taught in all areas and is being pushed as the one to follow.

  9. So why is YouTube gratuitous “Covid-19” flag on this video? Covid isn’t even mentioned. I’m so sick of the censorship. Insufferable really.

  10. Who is more “open-minded”? Those who may not agree with you, but are willing to offer you a chance to defend your own viewpoints, or those who tell you that your viewpoints are wrong, that you have to listen to AND accept their viewpoints as “the truth”, and that you are a “racist, sexist bigot” if you dare to question and/or disagree with them in any way, shape, or form, even if you committed some “infraction” against their viewpoint years before you ever met them?