Pizza Hut NEW Detroit Style Pizza Review

Pizza Hut has just released their new Detroit Style Pizza! This deep dish pizza has double pepperoni and cheese which stretches all the way to the crust. In addition, this pizza contains premium diced tomato sauce on top of the pizza & toppings instead of underneath them! Find out if this new pizza is a buy in today’s review!




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  2. I really want to know why a young, refined person like yourself chooses to review fast food. We all know what fast food tastes like. It’s cheap, heavily processed junk food that lazy people clog their arteritis with. Why not review foods from legit restaurants?

  3. I love how he talks as if he is bringing forth to us information for a special forensic case, but yet, it’s about pizza. Love it.

  4. Most all cardiologist that I have known… are extremely junk food junkie’s! Spare me!

  5. Pizza Hut says they are “sold out” online. I called and asked… can you explain? Does it arrive frozen? Or are you just refusing to make it? I could easily recreate it with just a side of marinara sauce and dump it on top. What a joke.

  6. Born and raised in detroit and the closest we have to that pizza is if u mixed jets with litlle caesers cheeser cheeser. Lil false as to style but i love any pizza

  7. Being a Detroit native, I’ve been eating Detroit Style Pizza my whole life and it is my personal favorite style. It’s good to see places are starting to embrace it at places around the country. I haven’t had Pizza Hut’s version yet, but I plan to. It looks more along the lines of classic DSP than Little Caesars (A Detroit based pizza chain) that you mentioned. Traditionally, the ingredients are placed under the cheese (which is spread to the edges of the pan) and it’s baked without sauce, but then the sauce is added after it’s done cooking. But, many places make it their own way and I’m fine with that. If you’re ever in the Detroit area, Buddy’s is the original that created it, but the original owner sold it decades ago and opened Cloverleaf (which in my opinion is the better of the two, but it’s preference) even though Loui’s (a former chef at Buddy’s) is one my my top favorites. Glad to see that you like it! It’s a great style! Thanks for the video!

  8. I finally got to try this and the sauce tasted like cocktail sauce to me but the pizza itself was worth it. They just need a better sauce in my opinion 🙂

  9. Detroit style pizza places have been popping up in nyc I’ve noticed. It’s becoming a food trend here. Pretty tasty stuff