Don’t make this travel mistake when flying to Vietnam!

What should have been an easy travel day turned into so much more. Sometimes when you’ve been doing something for a while you get a little overconfident and mistakes are made. We learned this lesson swiftly, which ended up costing us an extra $500 USD we didn’t plan on spending.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as we attempt to fly from Luang Prabang, Laos to Hanoi, Vietnam. It was a roller coaster, but we learned some good travel lessons.

We hope you enjoy our Vietnam travel vlog and, as always, we’ll see you in our next video as we Keep Going Places!

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Filmed February 29, 2020



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  1. We hope our Vietnam travel mistake from February 2020 brings you a little humor and entertainment 🙃 After almost a year of full-time traveling, we got a little too comfortable with waiting until the last minute on things and we ultimately paid the price on this one! Luang Prabang just made us a little too laid back. For those wondering why we didn’t just wait a few more days in Luang Prabang, we had a couple of time-bound commitments to make in Hanoi so we needed to arrive there ASAP.

  2. But what were you thinking, I got anxious by watching this video hahahaha
    You guys started the video like: 😁
    Ended the video like: ☹️
    I really love that you recognize that its all on you. Im subscribing.

  3. I got to take my Hat off to you two for your COOLNESS and patience. I would scream from the top of my lung. Keep traveling …. good luck and stay safe ….THUMB UP ….

  4. Bogus! Vid says you posted “3 weeks ago”. Yet vid says filmed Feb. 2020. What the ….? Impossible now for regular tourists to enter Vietnam. Best to get it offline!

  5. Unless you put the filming date in the title the vid remains misleading. Note that no posted comment realizes that it’s an ‘old’ vid, one of a 3-4 series with recent posting dates. The only reason I realized the mislead was because I recently reviewed Vietnam visa issues.

  6. 👋 from Pakistan 🇵🇰 Zero Scams
    eVisas and visa on arrival
    Cheapest in the region

  7. I am sorry to hear that. Now you must think twice
    Just remember that is not a mistake but it is a good lesson.

  8. nice travel vlog.
    hope you visit in our island in sibuyan romblon. philippines.
    friends here from philippines.

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  10. Fly 30 min from LB to Xieng Khouang. Head east by vehicle to M.Nonghet. 14 miles later you hit Nam Can (Vietnam Border). I got to the other side with no trouble to celebrate the Chinese/Vietnamese new year.

  11. So.. throughout your videos I never see you wear masks (except for that one time on the bus to cross the Laos border). Odd. And I don’t see a lotta ppl in your vids wearing them, either. What’s that about?

    Edit: Nvm, found the filming date. Maybe you should put that in your descriptions.

  12. I feel bad but no e-visa nothing anyone can do. Lesson learned, have all papers before you go.

  13. Wow, I am sorry you guy had to go thru this. I understand your situation so well. My brother and sister went thru same situation. I didn’t know you need to have a visa to transit to Kumming airport. So my siblings have to miss their flight to get their visa done for that day. Better luck and happy traveling

  14. oh boy! that was a pricey mistake. But these things happen. We faced a similar issue which costed us way more than $500 to sort out. I am just glad you guys got to Vietnam safely. I love your content and style. Do stop by my channel as well. Would love to know your thoughts!