Obama Slams Hashtag Activism, Vindman Contradicts Trump “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” | The Daily Show

Barack Obama calls out woke culture, Alexander Vindman exposes crucial information about Trump’s Ukraine call, and “Baby, It’s Cold Outisde” gets a few edits. #TheDailyShow

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Live : รายการ The Politics ข่าวบ้านการเมือง 6 เมษายน ขอคนละชื่อรื้อระบอบประยุทธ์

รายการ The Politics ข่าวบ้านการเมือง 6 เมษายน #ขอคนละชื่อรื้อระบอบประยุทธ์ -เดินหน้า แคมเปญ ขอคนละชื่อรื้อระบอบประยุทธ์ -มายด์-เฌอเอม ทำไมต้องเป็นหนึ่งชื่อรื้อระบอบประยุทธ์? -โปร่งใสมาก ! ป.ป.ช.ไม่เปิดเผยบัญชีทรัพย์สิน “ประยุทธ์-วิษณุ” -โซเชียลถล่มหนัก ขันน้ำบิ๊กป้อม สนับสนุนอาชีพขอทานหรืออย่างไร? #thepolitics Read more


  1. You missed it completely… then did exactly what Obama said to be careful of …

  2. Obama being awesome again and representing us moderates in front of the Twitter mob! How can we get another one like him?

  3. Obama was just criticizing the cancel culture or people with hypersensitivity calling literally everybody racist

  4. Obama calls out Trevor Noah culture & political purity tests, basically. Fun to tune in and remember the days of laugh tracks though, when sounds of laughter follow Noah’s lazy garbage with too much malicious intent to pass for real humor. John Stewart indirectly made this claim of where his show has gone and those like it, that it doesn’t work and he left at the peak of when it did, he saw it going this way especially with all the clones and adaptations even regular news was making to draw his audience. Nobody ever watched it at anywhere close to those levels again, with the overwhelming bulk of his audience leaving with him.

    I know some people do enjoy Noah’s flavor of political jest and do appreciate that art is subjective. When the personal anger overwhelms the content, you probably at the least have a non-comic mind delivering the lines and at the worst have a non-comic writing _and_ delivering the lines. He makes some money, but appropriately a drop in the bucket compared to John Stewart’s salary when he showed how this was done properly. Noah and Colbert both did writing for their sketches and did their little portion well then, but both lack ability to suppress their personal rage when delivering lines. If you want real comedy and want someone talking a bit of politics with humor, watch/listen to Tim Dillon’s weekly podcast, he is one a comic can evolve properly if comedy is what you’re after. If you just want echo chamber hatred and outrage, then you can’t do much better than Noah’s sabotage of Stewart’s genius creation.

  5. Wokeness is why I don’t watch the Daily Show as much. Then Trevor doesn’t even use the chance for self reflection, he skips the opportunity and gets onto Trump. Not that I don’t like a good Trump joke

  6. Nope Trevor, I think you didn’t get what Obama was trying to say. He was referring on why Democrats are not able to win big even if against someone like Trump. That’s called identity politics, and it’s ruining your country

  7. Impeach former President Barack Obama and impose a new Black President (next election, 2024) that is genuinely interested in American public policy since we (collectively) are vying to impeach past presidents that make us (The United States) look bad in the eyes of the world. We might become isolationist and ethnocentrically inclined, like peasants in feudalism…hello dark ages. Thanks Obama (not Malia, she is nice.)