Nightly News Full Broadcast May 16th

Violence continues in Gaza, United Nations Security Council pushes for diplomacy, and confusion over updated mask guidance.

NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full – August 1st, 2021
NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full - August 1st, 2021

U.S. tops 100,000 Covid cases on Friday, schools reopen as Covid surges, and six million Americans in danger of eviction. Read more

NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full – July 31st, 2021
NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full - July 31st, 2021

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full – July 30th, 2021
NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full - July 30th, 2021

CDC releases new evidence on delta variant, tornado damage across multiple states, and President Trump asked DOJ to declare 2020 Read more

NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full – July 29th, 2021
NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full - July 29th, 2021

Growing debate over booster shot, workplaces change plans for return to office, and FAA recruiting gamers for next generation of Read more


  1. So clinically sterilized and sanitized, with no evidence presented whatsoever of Hamas or any related militant intelligence having been there before or after those buildings were struck, it’s an affront to portray that as acceptable to the International Free Press, to bomb the Free Press just because you don’t like their stories or reporting from your exclusive perspective, sets an unprecedented trend beyond replacing the truth with lies!!

  2. How do we know who is vaccinated and who isn’t? Remember there are no vaccines for little kids. Meanwhile, there are so many idiots who refuse to get the vaccine. We should wait until the daily confirmed cases become a single digit.

  3. God be with the Palestinians protect them and free their land from all aggressive occupiers🙏🙏🙏🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴

  4. The case of Palestine and the Zionist is like the Europeans and the Native Americans. Let’s be honest how many native Americans are left?! Same thing with Palestine if the world doesn’t do anything you won’t see many Palestinians alive.

  5. This CDC chief in my opinion is creating confusion and mask removal should not be implemented yet . Its a surprising guidelines & quite a premature one. Its like” celebrating ” in advance maybe because of some kind of credit to what their office have accomplished that is not at all helping cause its untimely! The virus is still around!!!

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  7. Our condolences go to all the family who lost their loved ones in such chaos . Uganda

  8. Everybody don’t let this moment pass you make the most of it by you making the best decision of your life right now by allowing God to come into your life by you praying to God everyday for his help in every decision of your life everyday and in every situation of your life everyday for I guarantee if you do this everyday then your life will get better, you will have more peace, you will be more successful, you will have more happiness, and all your dreams will come true that’s because when you pray to God then God will make all good things possible for you and you must not forget to read the “Holy Bible” everyday and a great place for you to start in the holy Bible is (Psalms 1) and everyday after that read a chapter in Psalms till you finish all the chapters in Psalms then after that start on (Proverbs 1) then everyday after that read a chapter in Proverbs till you finish all the chapters in Proverbs and after that read every chapter of the Holy Bible until you finish it for it will change your life in the most amazing way

  9. Has anybody ever noticed that Richard Engel bears a slight if not striking resemblance to Hugh Hefner?

  10. Hm difference I see straight away Israeli girl has an armored safe hide in and is grinning meanwhile 10 year old stone faced child living with nothing but death

  11. I love NBC News. No political sides just pure news. Might not cover it all, but quality to what the do cover.

  12. Antisemetic low life NBC. Oh those poor pallys hiding their murdering commanders among civilians. They were warned to leave and Hamas forced them to stay. Wtf are you guys nuts. Reporting complete lies!!! Your off my channel list for life.

  13. It is quite frightening to realise that the ongoing fued between the Israel’s and Palestinians would never have happened if the British & French had complied with the arrangements made by “Lawrence of Arabia”. Which were to give the Arabs their own state if they (the Arabs) helped fight the Ottoman/Turks in World War 1. This would have resulted in a large Arab state covering much of the Middle East with Damascus as its capital. Instead, at the Versailles Treaty (1919) the British & French carved up the region generating many of the current small Arab states. The original unified Arab state proposal, would have prevented the Jews from creating Israel in 1946, as Palestine would never have existed, and a Unified Arab state would have been too powerful. The current Middle East situation (Israel versus Palestinians) therefore has no end, until one side or the other exterminates the other. And as for the farcical United Nations, it has never really been given the real powers it needs to sort out such problems. From this we can see that the Human race is still more interested in Tribal warfare, and has progressed little since Gilamesh & the Sumerians 6000 years ago !!!!!

  14. @12:30… Welcome to Texas, the dingbat anti-regulation capitol of the Nation. Or is it Florida? Hard to distinguish. Oh well, I guess you just have to buck up n luv the family oddballs.