New Education Policy 2020 | NEP 2020

The New Education Policy 2020 made us wait for the last 34 years. It was in 1986 that the present curriculum came into existence. In Indian politics, the subject of education has mostly remained at the back foot because it wasn’t vote fetching. BJP had this change for policy in their manifesto since 2014.

In this Video we are going to analyse the New National Education Policy 2020! I am extremely hopeful and positive about this NEP 2020. Let me know your thoughts about this Policy in the Comment Section!

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America’s Broken Education System
America's Broken Education System

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The Reality Of Indian Education System
The Reality Of Indian Education System

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  1. NEP is very good at paper…i appreciate it…but i don’t think so it will be implemented as written in the document.. this govt. only knows to impress people by words not by actions

  2. Arreyy yaar ye sab inko pehle karna chaiyye tha!
    Ab schooling khatam hone wala hai mera!
    Bad luck
    Bad timing😂

  3. Well this indeed will lead to great transformation if well implemented as the formulation sounds promising. The video is indeed insightful.

  4. Only children can tell about it ….
    Why we study at school we can study any where and at any best

  5. Thank you so much mam for providing such a great information in a very easy and understanding language
    Thank u

  6. This is Independence in real terms. This is what is going to take India out of the darkness towards light.

  7. Shallow and uncritical presentation. The new ed policy 2020 is a big step backward from the present. To understand this we have to look at section 8 of the RTE act which guarantees as a legal right education of good quality. NCF 2005 defines good quality education as that which delivers good quality outcomes. For everyone. This is abandoned in NEP 2020. NEP 2020 only talks about access , not about the responsibility for good outcomes, which today lies on the state.