Nervous Stand Up Comedian has the best one lines EVER from America’s Got Talent 2019!
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  1. this guy is a heart attack or a Stroke in waiting with his weight ! Sad….PLEASE change your diet and lose weight or the jokes will not be funny in the grave…i am not being mean but i know from experience how devastating this will be an inevitable stroke or heart attack !

  2. Just plain boring . I never even cracked a smile through out.Sorry but American jokes are just not funny.

  3. 100% more guts than I have being on a huge show, and I am an extrovert. Lots of respect for you.


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  5. He is ok, not great as the judges pretend he is.
    Where is this show heading to? Really.
    They are running out of talents.

  6. His material was great. I hope he can improve his delivery. I hope he can come out of his shell, conquer his anxiety and allow his personality to show. At the beginning, just after the initial applause, I half expected him to say ‘thanks’ like Stephen Wright does.

  7. Having once been exactly where this gentleman was, completely debilitated by anxiety/ agoraphobia. I can honestly say I fully understand his suffering and plight. The courage it took just to take the first step, when everything in your mind and body are SCREAMING in FEAR that tells you NO DONT! Illogical or not. It’s truly no different than the logical fear based upon REAL DANGER we all have built in as a safety mechanism! His courage and persistent efforts are truly commendable! And shouldn’t be viewed as being minimal in any respect! Facing debilitating fears of any nature is one of the hardest things too do in life. Best wishes dear Sir. Well done! Also you were a success at being a funny comedian. God bless.

  8. I genuinely found him funny.. Definitely not ‘Talent Show’ worthy material because it wasn’t ‘flashy’ or ‘outrageous’ – Just subtle. Perfect. Ireland would love him.