NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full – May 17th, 2021

President Biden supports cease-fire as deadly Israel-Hamas attacks intensify, more states lift mask mandates after CDC guidance, and Orlando’s tourism comeback amid the pandemic.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:12 Israel-Hamas Violence Intensifies
05:37 Confusing Mask Mandates
08:30 Matt Gaetz Associate Pleads Guilty
10:02 Microsoft Investigated Bill Gates
11:29 Orlando’s Tourism Comeback
15:58 Housing Crisis
18:38 Jay Barbree Tribute

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  1. Foreign buyers are coming in with money bags to the US and buying our land places like china and Russia.

  2. Who care? No one. This is what they do, and always will! The world is sick and tired of these people killing each other!

  3. Florida needs a new Governor.
    There are plenty of Mayors in Florida who qualify for Governor.

  4. Why dont they say” Charlie delta Charlie ” CDC is a branch of the military!

  5. This is how the housing market in Dallas has been for years, I bought a house in 2016 we put offers on 10 and got the one we got because we were 10k over and they wanted to sell to a family instead of a reseller. They had over 20 offers in 2 days.

  6. You people pushing the lies and disinformation cant hide behind your desks and cameras forever. You have precipitated the suffering of all people long enough.. the annunaki are not happy with the choices you have made… take stock of your choices judgment is soon to come.. and i cant wait to watch what happens to you who are involved.. cuz we alreay know

  7. Why do the feds always go for the key suspects associate and not straight to the suspect?

  8. It’s just getting started. Soon Iran will be sending missiles to Israel.

  9. Who are all these “cash” buyers AND why do so many people wanna live in Orlando?

  10. all the rich people want us poor people to get back to serving them. their lives aren’t as fun when no one is there to do all the things for them. so they tell its cool to not wear your mask and get back out there.
    screw that!! make them park their own cars, make their own food, do their own chores, wipe their own drool from their chins.

  11. ethnic cleansing” is what the state of Israel is doing to the Palestinians This horror show is not new, because the story always follows the same script: Manufacture a justification for one more opportunity to incinerate anyone, including children in the Palestinian territory under siege, by dropping some of the most lethal bombs the world has ever produced. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to go. He is a corrupt warmonger enabled by the U.S. and other world powers.so so very said.

  12. When will both sides realize that Dead Men can’t live on the land they can only be barried in it. 😚😗😳😞😞😣

  13. They made those tunnels to be something else.
    They are a pipeline for groceries and desperate employment from what I’ve heard. Look it up.
    Tell the truth NBC.