NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full – May 14th, 2021

States reviewing mask mandates after CDC guidance, Israel-Hamas aerial attacks escalate ahead of potential ground invasion, and House Republicans vote to elevate Rep. Elise Stefanik.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:01 CDC Mask Confusion
04:27 Mask Guidelines For Children
06:20 Possible Ground Invasion In Gaza
09:18 GOP Power Shift: Elise Stefanik Replaces Liz Cheney
12:01 Parents Fight To Reform Family Courts
15:53 Crypto Scams
19:06 Inspiring America: Medical Milestone For Covid Patient

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  1. Seesaw cdc , this is going to be a disaster. Next month it will be required again .

  2. … Iron Dome missle defense system Israel the terrorist state got from AMERICANS!

  3. We need this to happen in America you talking about setting it off we need a situation like that right here that will change the theology of the entire population of people 💕🌹😎💋🚭🤣😄😗😙😚

  4. A weapon that allows a user illicit access to the human brain
    Gaslighting that distorts individuals reality
    A new unpleasant surprise everyday
    Ghost town simulated or truth
    Humans used as bait for another humans horrific death/suffering
    The human brain operated through weapon keeps person(s) talking.
    Words and sentences of pessimism, war, and negativity are used as a weapon
    Does not matter if victim says anything or not
    Right and wrong does not matter
    Left in isolation due to illicit strategies against myself, caused by a mk ultra puppet
    Following voices and images in the mind will not help.
    User accesses the brain to undo good blessings and wishes of the individual

    I am a victim that may die horrifically regardless. I hope this assists with keeping you safe.

  5. Why is Elise Stefaniak, the third ranking leader of the House republicans, calling him “President” Trump? He is NOT the president. Her calling him that places her squarely within the ranks of the insurrectionists. Republicans, you are not the solution – You are the problem.

  6. 11:04 so the guy hits the bridge with a hammer now it’s good to go?

  7. About 70% of the news is like a soap opera these days, stop saying “Breaking” It broke years ago.

  8. It’s funny how they filmed the mother, behind a fence with her hand on it. The topic is not funny but the unnecessary flare…

  9. The most likely victims: large white women with multiple cats and short pink hair.

  10. Same happen with 3 children in los Angeles County in antelope Valley. Gabriel . Anthony and Noah was murdered by family members. Social worker and criminal justice system failed to save children. We Need to protect our children from abuse especially from domestic abuse.