NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full – March 22nd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

“Police respond to active shooter at Colorado supermarket, AstraZeneca says U.S. trial shows its Covid vaccine is 79 percent effective, and Miami Beach extends state of emergency amid spring break crowds.

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00:00 Intro
02:03 Multiple Fatalities In Colorado Supermarket Shooting
03:38 AstraZeneca: Vaccine 79 Percent Effective In U.S. Trial
06:13 Miami Beach Extends Spring Break State Of Emergency
07:21 CDC Warns Of ‘Avoidable Surge’ As Restrictions Lifted
08:06 First Images Inside Texas Child Migrant Detention Center
09:01 Over 15,000 Migrant Children Detained In U.S. Custody
09:45 ICE Cuts $87 Million Deal To House Migrants In Hotels
10:17 Protests Nationwide In Wake Of Spa Shooting Rampage
10:48 Officials: Not Enough Evidence Of Hate Crime As Of Now
11:36 Growing Outrage Among Asian Americans After Rampage
11:50 NYPD Searching For Suspect Who Attacked Protester
12:19 Volunteers Escort The Elderly As Anti-Asian Attacks Rise
13:16 Gas Prices Soar To Nearly Two-Year High
14:42 Getting Help Paying For Skyrocketing College Costs
16:44 New Orleans Black Community Reeling From Covid

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 22nd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News”

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  3. msm wants to label this as a hate crime…they just want to fan the flames of race

  4. #1. From now on all shooter’s, thugs and suspects need to be identified as a man or woman. We all know it’s a minority when they say so and a white guy when they say a man.

  5. Let’s be honest, these shooting are Trump supporters that’s testing the new administration

  6. Financial help is control. They help where it helps them,get your money. Education ,is what they’re undermining. The best college education,is realizing you don’t need them,to be you.

  7. I’m sorry but where is the clause in the constitution that guarantees cheap gas? You wanted a free market? You got it.

  8. If you are a top shelf university recruit then the schools will come looking for you.
    If you have to beg and claw to get in then you may need to consider other options.
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    I’m semi retired and still make more part time then I ever made working for a corporation full time.
    Learn to build, repair or install things.
    Don’t spend your life making other people rich.

  9. If that white guy is the shooter then why isn’t he dead? I’m sick of the obvious difference in how police never fear for their lives with a white active shooter and keep this guy alive. But the black guy has to die because they thought he had a gun.

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  11. The guy who shot the spa workers is going to be in prison forever. Who cares if it was a hate crime. Quit pushing race war rhetoric.

  12. The very ultimate in terrible parenting is sending your child to a foreign nation alone.

  13. If you are planing a mass shooting find a mansion not malls but spread their death.

  14. People need to take covid more serious for their benefit and more importantly for those they may pass it on to if they get it. Here is Australia we have done so well by taking social distancing, masks, shutdowns in certain areas when deemed necessary. While sadly we have still lost too many people we have managed to save being ravaged by it like the states. Get your mindset on looking after yourself and others, it’s not about being restrained by the government, it’s about loving yourself and others enough to do the right things to stay safe.

  15. well what’s new? another white guy (cuffed and alive, wonder if was black…stretcher and a body bag for sure )with a military weapon, do you really need a military weapon to protect yourself?