NBC Nightly News Broadcast Full – July 3rd, 2021

Standing portion of Champlain Towers to be demolished ahead of tropical storm Elsa, millions travel for Independence Day amid growing concern for delta variant, and Biden visits Michigan on the heels of July Fourth vaccination goal.
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    Pray for the safety of the families of the victims of building collapse in Miami Florida🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Trump is right if China becomes responsible for the Pandemic it must hold accountable for at least 12 trillion Dollars.

  5. Bull ..a collapsed building does not invenierate bodies..they are hoding something

  6. If a hotel is not providing 4 star service, they should not charge 4 star prices.

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  10. That hotel worker who had been without a job for so long is heart breaking…and Alexander cracks wise about not taking away the minibars and Gummi bears at the end…really?

  11. I have never truly been free! America take your white people’s independnce day and shove it up your a$$!

  12. If by some miracle, anyone is still alive in that first collapse, just image their reaction when they hear the rest of the building demolished as it collapses. Anyone who may be alive in the first rubble, probably believes the entire place collapsed at the same time they ended up in that first pile.

  13. VACCINAED OR NOT WHAT IS THE POINT?ALL 100% ARE OPENED, NO MASK NO SOCIAL DISTANCING.Who and cdc comes out 2 diefferent quidelines. Hope we are survive.

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