NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – March 19th, 2021 | NBC News NOW

President Biden visit Atlanta to talk to Asian American community leaders, Jeannie Mai, talk show host of “The Real”, shares why she chose to use her platform to elevate awareness of the rising wave of attacks on the Asian American community.
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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – March 19th, 2021 | NBC News NOW

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  1. Humans have breeder like rats, it’s nature and you can see they’re stacked up to the sky, by New York. Less is better

  2. stop calling them latinx, its a discrace for all latinos and latinas…. and always playing the race card just to get what you want is so ridiculous, you make a fool out of yourself !!!!!

  3. Where is the anger over the widespread discrimination against Asians in higher education? They are routinely denied places in schools that require very high scores, but have too many Asians already since they score so well. They already only take whites that are connected and have top scores so in order to make room for other minorities, the Asians have to be capped. Perhaps they might try merit alone — and yes, that means no sports scholarships either, just scholarly merit, and strictly defined “other” category, like gee whiz chess master or opera singer or classical violinist. It’s amazing that they need remedial classes in some of these high end schools for their freshmen.

  4. Why aren’t schools requiring children to have the Covid19 vaccine on their shot record like they do for other vaccines? Common sense is SO not common anymore.

    Sidenote: I wish I could change my race to fit the narrative of the day that I want to like sometimes Asian American/sometimes Black American VP Kamala Harris.😏

  5. As a Latina, I just want to ask WHY do Caucasian liberals keep referring to us as LatinX? We don’t understand it and we didn’t ask for that. It sounds ignorant and smells strongly of attempted pandering.

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  10. Why is the reporter talking in the past tense–as if they have already gone–while in the first part of the video they say it’s an upcoming event

    More staged “live” events, I wonder?

  11. So now the VP identifies as an Asian? During her campaign with Biden it was African American she was identifying even though she is Jamaican. Scratching my head I have not heard of any Indian hate attack’s?