Nano Coated Salt Technology

The energy storage sector is becoming a pretty crowded and competitive field as more and more companies come up with solutions that will be absolutely crucial to dealing with the intermittency of renewable technologies. Now there’s one more technology to add to the list that looks set for a bright future, not just as a supplier of grid balancing power but also because of its ability to feed direct heat energy into industrial processes and municipal heating systems.

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Research Links

SaltX Website

Exciting new partnership between SaltX and Calix in Sweden

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  1. And can supply with solar panels as storage? No, need 500 degree heat source. Solar reflection tower, got heat

  2. can’t be disclosed? whats both cheap to make and also is nano enough to coat MOLTEN salts? even smaller and moltier carbon? i’m not convinced one can nano coat a molten plazma that doesn’t make sense.

  3. Very interesting… Understanding all the scales of storage, utility versus community, and the scale of timeframes of performance (ie 1 hour versus days, vs seasonal) creates an interesting ecosystem of solutions and overlap. Add in the quality of stored energy (electricity highest and low grade heat is the lowest, and again, a very interesting energy storage ecosystem.

  4. Renewable energy will only work if energy consumption is down to levels that are reasonable through increased efficiencies and through local production of power. The entire electrical grid needs to be redesigned from the ground up which will transform increase efficiencies by orders of magnitude. We waste A LOT of energy because of our current inefficient electrical grid.

  5. The reduced corrosive properties will pair very well into a MSR nuclear reactor, where the corrosive nature of the salt is a major hindrance to widespread integration

  6. Do you have a copy of this video as an article or manuscript great to use for Chem class

  7. How’s the saying go, “power stations run on oil, solar runs on subsidies”?

  8. OMG this is so simple they should have thought of this a long time ago.
    Scientists are stupid.

  9. DEMAND! The worst term possible to ever brainwash dor money, It is so pathetically normalized that hypnosis srems to occur whenever another stupid businessplan makes its way into the insatiable world of consumerism out of sheer boredom.

  10. When people start unhooking from the grid, then we will have reliable and affordable electricity.

  11. Hi,forget my comment if you talked about it already but I do not fully understand how dry zeolites work.maybe you’ll talk about it someday ? Thks for everything !take care.

  12. Here in America, Wall Street wants to know how to take a derivative position on this while we ban the homeless from having open flame heating.

    Yeah, yeah, we used to build things but what did that contribute to the bottom line?

  13. SaltX should partner with Tesla or GE, which have worldwide brand recognition already built in this area. Perhaps firms like Bechtel could make sense. Sumitomo is fine, where it is known.
    This is an R&D company, not yet a marketing company. It may or may not be a manufacturing company. They should focus on what they are good at, and let others who are proven sellers do their thing as well.

  14. Great solution to heat storage. Non competitive at 30% recovery to battery storage which is over 85% currently.

  15. No matter what we will always need oil! All those clean energy takes oil to produce it. Windmills use up a lot of oil to keep it lubed up. It has to be changed every so often. So no matter what we will always need oil no matter what.