Myanmar Coup: 183 dead in Myanmar military crackdown | World English News| International Update

Myanmar’s political crisis is worsening. According to the latest reports, 183 persons have been dead in Myanmar military crackdown as anti-coup protests continue in Myanmar.

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  1. WTF i thought the coup was suppose to protect Burma WTF သည်အာဏာသိမ်းမှုသည်မြန်မာနိုင်ငံကိုကာကွယ်ရန်ဖြစ်သည်ဟုထင်သည်

  2. get Chinese communist out of the country Myanmar ASAP. military coup will fall down soon.

  3. military ‘s families relative keep your children’s at home don’t let your relatives serving the dictatorships . I believe that the military will falling down

  4. What a terrible brainwashing! China needs trade, peace can better trade. What good will Myanmar’s chaos do to China?

  5. Never in the history of Asia that Army, killed 6,000 human civilians…never will happen in Burma Malanday, Burma, Dawei, never will die more than 6,000 human civilians in Myanmar, Yangon

  6. Myanmar is a strategically important location for China. Myanmar’s location makes it easy to colonize other Southeast Asian countries, makes it easier for China to enter the Indian Ocean, and keeps India in check.

  7. This is all WRONG!!! First it is the Suicide Stances most of the older kids and younger Adults get to play Russian Ruilette on Police. Now, its attacking the wrong buildings and people. You attack China, you give China excuse to come over with their Military and that will outnumber all the people and it would make it too late for the people to do anything more.. They need to have real plans and organized people to start capturing the Police and arrest them under the Police s of breaking the Oath to serve and protect the people and betraying the people. Contain to imprison and intel gathering for ammunition and ideal take over areas. Those actions will give the GO Light on UN to AIDE THE REVOLT. Right now, it is Suicide Stance and NOT REVOLUTION of the antics the people are going all the wrong ways and they are making it harder by attacking Chinese Property and People for China to step in with more Military Force..PLEASE SOMEONE TELL THEM .>>.

  8. *Why WION and India so Fuss on refuge seeker where as 🇧🇩 Bangladesh took more than 1 million Myanmar refugees and provided them shelter, food, health and security those who were victims of mass Genocide and Rape committed by Myanmar 🇲🇲 military on its own citizens so Shut up India 🇮🇳 and let them in and just fucking calm down and WION 🛑 Stop Fucking crying like children*

  9. china and japan are deeply involved and that is why the world is trying to ignore it.
    like the world is silent with what USA, Israel, and EU do.