My First Trip to Ireland: Travel Film

This was my first time in Ireland. It happened to be my honeymoon, but we did not sit still. We were on a mission to explore this gorgeous, green country. Tag along with my wife and I from the international streets of Dublin to the breathtaking Dingle Peninsula and beyond. We stayed in a castle, rode horses, hung out with falcons, visited the Guinness Storehouse, ate the best ice cream we’ve ever had, hiked along the legendary Cliffs of Moher, and enjoyed some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. If you have any questions about our trip or the making of this film, be sure to comment and let me know. Considering the length of this film, I highly recommend viewing on a TV or hands-free device if possible. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for traveling with us.

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Brady ‘Skye’ Bigalke is a video creator and tailwheel pilot based in St. Augustine, Florida. His channel is a mix of vlogging, traveling, and flying airplanes both in real life and on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Tag along and join the adventure!

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00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Dublin
01:41 – Stephen’s Green
02:25 – Grafton Street
02:39 – Ladurée
02:52 – The Bank Bar & Restaurant
03:03 – The Temple Bar
03:51 – Vintage Cocktail Club
04:34 – Sam’s Night Club
04:49 – Dawson Hotel
05:10 – Carluccio’s Cafe
05:27 – Trinity College
06:15 – Guinness Storehouse
09:36 – Galway
09:45 – Frenchville House B&B
10:27 – O’Reillys
10:51 – Tigh Nora Bar
11:14 – Frenchville House B&B
11:33 – Horse Trek
14:29 – Linnane’s Lobster Bar
15:00 – Cliffs of Moher
17:05 – View from Doolin Pier
17:15 – Tig Colli Pub
17:28 – Frenchville House B&B
19:14 – Adare
19:31 – Castleisland
19:47 – Ballyseede Castle
22:08 – Connor’s Pass
22:35 – Dingle
22:42 – PAX Guest House
23:07 – The Fish Box Restaurant
23:21 – Falconry Experience
25:28 – Global Village Restaurant
25:35 – Dingle Pubs
26:00 – PAX Guest House Breakfast
26:54 – Dingle Peninsula / Slea Head
29:13 – Murphy’s Ice Cream
29:42 – Killarney Plaza Hotel And Spa
30:06 – Ross Castle
31:01 – Killarney National Park
32:33 – Downtown Killarney
32:43 – Gaby’s Seafood Restaurant
33:28 – Torc Waterfall
34:33 – Muckross House & Gardens
35:45 – Aghadoe Resort & Spa
37:11 – Gap of Dunloe
39:53 – Rock of Cashel
40:44 – Killashee Resort & Spa

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ඔන්න අපේ Travel Princess ජය ශ්‍රි මහ බෝ සමිදුන්ගේ ආශිර්වාදයෙන් traveling පටන් ගත් වගයි.. ජය ශ්‍රි මහා බෝධියට අපි දෙන්නා Read more


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  1. I wouldn’t usually comment on tourist videos but I really loved this. Can’t wait for this life to return, the pubs, the craic, the restaurants…everything really. Thank you gor displaying our country so well and so beautifully.

  2. Best wishes and happy travels ! ! Good work quite impressive ! Very nice video work.

  3. Amazing video, makes me want to be back home in Kerry, the most wonderful of places, so much to see and do and some many wonderful people to meet. Thanks guys.

  4. I’m from Ireland and constantly travel the country but still watched the entire thing, so good. I’d love to know what camera you filmed this on? 🙂

  5. I bet the worst part of the trip was leaving to come back to the US..I want to go to Ireland soooo bad. Hopefully some day soon.

  6. Thank you for such a beautiful tour of a place I will probably never get to see in person. Scotland and Ireland is where my family is from. Was quite beautiful .

  7. WOW!!😍😍❤️☘️
    I LOVE hearing the Irish accents!😊😍

    I can’t wait to go Ireland after COVID pandemic!
    Which my parents plans on taking me sometime in September 2022!!😁😍☘️
    It will also be my FIRST TIME!!😁

  8. What an awesome video. I’ll watch this many times again.
    Congratulations on your honeymoon & keep up the great work

  9. The grotesque man relatively retire because shoulder dewailly hope times a fancy seed. fallacious, fearful fearless flugelhorn

  10. Love the video BUT like many of “your age,” you believe that background music should be LOUD LOUD LOUD. ☹️. IMO, it interferes with your message.

  11. Thanks for such an awesome video! Best wishes to you and your bride and thanks for pointing us to things we didn’t know we now must see! I hope you’ve got a film career of sorts in your horizon! You’re a natural. Thanks!

  12. Incredible drone shots – in that kind of wind, that could not have been easy. Well done! and fantastic editing – must have taken forever – much appreciated.