MY FIRST DAY in RUSSIA | St Petersburg Travel Guide

St Petersburg, Russia – Our goal is to travel across the entire country of Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Over the next 25 days we will travel from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok on one crazy Russia Travel Adventure we are calling the #TransSibChallenge.
This is the first episode of the Russia travel vlog where I arrive to St Petersburg, meet the team, and discover things to do in Saint Petersburg.

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  1. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your patience! 😃When partnering with big organizations, it takes some time to get videos approved for posting, and to make sure all the Russian subtitles in place! 🇷🇺 I worked really hard on this video, and I hope you guys like it! 🙏 If so, come say hi over on Instagram! 😊

  2. Вся Россия такая же красива и чистая как Питер и Москва. Все кто говорит обратное врут. Я всю Россию обьехал. Она вся потрясающая. Как по мне самая красивая в мире страна!

  3. Why I don’t meet you(((
    I live in Vladivostok
    But I hope you enjoy being in Russia

  4. Such a great video. Your production values are outta this world, Gareth! Some beautiful and memorable visuals, and warm narration, informative yet authentic. What was especially nice is the way you show the life of the city, people out and about or just chilling, everyday human life. In a place some folks will get out of their way to portray as another planet populated by, idk, cynocephalics, you make your viewers relate instead. God knows world needs more of this. Instant subscriber.

  5. For God’s sake, why is it in my recommendations? I’m russian, why am I watching the travel to my country? Of course I know English but WHY?!

  6. Hallo Leonardo and friends !!
    An interesting trip and a very interesting team, I think. My name is Bogdan but my friends and family and even some of my family call me- (Bobby). I watch your vlog / movie for the first time from Toronto Canada. You Leonardo and your team show what the average viewer / listener from another country has not seen and did not even think that in the age of the 21st century we will be able to watch something worth watching, and also something that still hides many secrets. I only had the opportunity to go by train from Azerbaijan to Moscow once and it took 3 nights and 2 days. I was returning with a group of my colleagues and friends from the village of Khoram Abad -Iran. The Russian customs officers rummaged our luggage so much for us and the trip to Moscow took place without the possibility of opening the windows or doors, even when the train was stopped. in one word it was a nightmare. Since then, I have never decided to go anywhere in the USSR now, Russia. Thank you for the movie, the interesting commentary and the effort you and your colleagues put in to make this movie come to fruition. Best regards from Canada and good health. Bogdan aka Bobby.

  7. I went to St Petersburg and Moscow a few years ago .. this makes me want to go back .. St Petersburg was definitely amazing and you captured it so well.

  8. То самое чувство, когда иностранец знает больше, чем житель страны)

  9. Wow, this video is beautiful filmed! Now I have to visit St. Petersburg, it is absolutely breathtaking!! 😍

  10. Мне показалось или на 1:06 о.Сахалин не отмечен как Россия?

  11. Що происходит хде автокефалия хде томас Прыг скок с пяточки на ОКРАИНЕ автоматик не работает мы опять обкакались

  12. Не знаю, почему это видео оказалось у меня в рекомендациях, но оно мне понравилось. Стыдно, конечно, за этот “Петербург Достоевского” и осколки совка, которые местами всплывают в моём городе.