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Robin is passionate about protecting the environment, and has dedicated his life to fighting climate change. He films himself over the course of the summer as he goes on hunger strike to campaign against the proposed Heathrow expansion.

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  1. People be talking about this and saying shit but the thing is what were you able to do?

  2. MAKE THESE LAZY TRUANTS PLANT TREES – this will be more useful than protesting and exhaling CO2 in vain.

  3. Lmao all of these “activist” are just a bunch of lazy and entitled pricks that add zero value to society. They’re honestly a joke.

  4. when u relize that the litturally reason climate was created was to change, it’s not healthy, we just can’t do anything about, also plz tell me how we could because i am intrested

  5. And regardless of what they should or shouldn’t have done… Criticism can be good but remember they are out here doing not trying!

  6. Heres a think I don;t think we ever heard from these environmental activist is why they became one in the beginning and further more why do they always become hyperactively fanatic to their ideals? There is zero debate zero discussion and most important zero compromise with them on any subject. To them the jury is close and they own all the answers to every environmental issue across the board. Anyone out side of their circle of control doesn’t have any right at al to them, anyone that’s agents or merely has a disagreement with them is to be silents on the spot. Things have gotten so bad in that area that they have stooped to criminal action to silent anyone that’s opposes or is a threat to there cause. Relentless mod harassment companies done to individuals that have gone so far as to attack people that associate with them, as well as their family members and now threatening society it self to casting them out to whom ever employees the target their after. Environmental activist firmly believe you should not have any means to earn a living if you go agents them and before you quote the “not all” true Scotsman fallacy. Whens the last time the environmental activist leaders told the relentless harassment hate mod to back down off of their skeptics and political enemies?

  7. He is doing something. Takes courage. Problem is we are not united – we overthink and analyze everything, don’t take action ourselves and find fault in everythink so while some are out there taking action… What are you doing? Stand up and just fight what you believe for… Robin inspires by sacrificing everything what he is and has. We should support it! And support all other good causes too. It’s possible we unite 🙂

  8. Go vegan brothers. It’s the most effective thing within your control. You are the cause for change, not some government.

  9. What you need is a strong intelligent community of serious activists, a website, a plastic rebellion, a trash ban ralley. You need to look at consumer fundamentals and follow the money, the link to the sources

  10. Don’t feel lost! The people behind you were just too few and the demonstrations were just not strong enough in sending the right message