Left vs Right: Which is best political ideology? | By Dhruv Rathee

Leftists, Rightists, Communists, Socialists, Capitalists. You have all heard about these different political ideologies. In the video, I explain the origin and the real meaning of these terms. And we find out which is the best Ideology of them all!

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Live : รายการ The Politics ข่าวบ้านการเมือง 5 เมษา 64 ภาคพิเศษ สามัคคีประชาชนไล่ประยุทธ์
Live : รายการ The Politics ข่าวบ้านการเมือง 5 เมษา 64 ภาคพิเศษ สามัคคีประชาชนไล่ประยุทธ์

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  1. One correction someone may have misunderstood, by supporting economic left in education and healthcare sectors, I meant letting the government provide subsidy in education and healthcare. This is a great thing and done in almost every western country.

  2. I like the right wing in american politics,conservative and acknowledging and abiding the law. But our Indian right wing..I cant understand yet..

  3. Government belongs running the business of cities and infrastructures…….not controlling businesses and most certainly NOT people. Too much acceptance of government involvement in issues they have no education or understanding in.