How will covid-19 change travel? | The Economist

The covid-19 pandemic has devastated the travel industry. But as vaccines are rolled out and global travel slowly picks up, how will the industry evolve, and will holidays ever be the same again? Read more here:

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Read about why Covid-19 has had such a devastating impact on the travel industry, and how the industry is adapting:

How ‘staycations’ are helping the hotel industry survive:

Read about how the hospitality industry is adapting to remote workers:

Hygiene is becoming increasingly important for holidaymakers:

Is hydrogen the key to greener air travel?


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  1. Vaccines are for society and travel so any mug….i mean person that has them will be free to go

  2. Actually MORE people are traveling today then they did BEFORE Covid!!! Just saying! The traveling industry is BOOMING since COVID began!

  3. At least as far as air travel goes, covid restrictions are permanent and here to stay just like 9/11 security changes. They are just as worthless and ineffective, but it is not politically acceptable to “reduce safety measures”, ever.

  4. I’m not going to lie, I’m going to Los Angeles next weekend because I ALWAYS wear my mask and have NEVER had to be told to put my mask on. I know that I am a respectful and responsible traveler. I also will be celebrating my birthday next Saturday so I definitely will be traveling a little before my vaccines and DEFINITELY afterwards as well. Traveling isn’t unsafe, it’s just about making sure you’re as safe and responsible as possible

  5. And this is all because of a virus that is danger to only 1% of the population…

  6. If we are lucky there will be a super meteor shower that will knock out all the satellites orbiting our planet (except the moon). That will set communications back 30 years and put a huge damper on this nonsense. It will also give these idiots something else to worry about, since they simply refuse to be happy with an ordinary world.
    Strange how easily the majority has accepted this foolishness and the fact that China has refused an investigation (of substance) into Wuhan. Yet, everyone wants to know what caused Tiger Woods’ most recent car crash.
    Virus reason? We dont care.
    Tiger Woods? Police got search warrant for black box and public cant find out soon enough the specifics.

  7. Stop voting for insane collectivist (read fascist) criminals and you get your world back.

  8. Just what we need. Less consumption. Less pollution. Less people making money so less children are born and the Earth is now sustainable.

  9. Many people in the rich world… could you explain what you mean by that please. Thank you

  10. What are the ages of all these people traveling 🧳 to avoid being inconvenienced by the global pandemics? 🤓💻

  11. what happens to all the people that cant or wont have a vaxine, are they never allowed to leave the country again ?, surely thats called prison .!

  12. They should lower the prices for Business Class and raise the prices for Economy Class to an equilibrium for profitability….